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Hello Friday: FaN Notes [August 20, 2010] [BEST OF FaN]

So first up, as I’ve been alluding to ever since we booked the trip back in June, the fam is headed down to Hawaii for some much-needed R&R for the next two weeks. But never fear, we’re not abandoning you. We’ll actually be having two weeks of re-runs with our FaN writers and myself picking some of our favorite posts from the last two years. If you haven’t been with us from the beginning, then this is definitely the two weeks you should be reading. And if you have been with us, well, let me tell you, I’m getting quite a kick re-reading the posts that our FaN bloggers have been sending in. They’re like little gifts from the past, and I think you’ll enjoy re-reading them, too. So do come back on Monday for our BEST OF FaN.

That all said, here is my Hello Friday for the week.

Here's the hair pic I've been promising all week. Loving the new color as done by Julie at Trust Salon in West Hollywood. Oh, and click on the pic to revisit my worst day of the year (so far). And don't worry, I'm still rocking glasses, but they're transitions, so they don't look so great outside.

1. Like Zack Bunker, I find the Drag-U concept of turning women into fierce drag queens somewhat baffling. But if this show were set in a frat house or male strip club or anything like that, I’d be it’s #1 fan.

2. Like most people who have a couple years of therapy under their belts, I occasionally miss it. So Dr. Miro’s speed-shrinking event sounds all sorts of fabulous.

3. I don’t re-read books. And when I read posts like Amy Brown’s revisit of UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN, I’m glad for it. Loved the movie, though. But now I’m afraid to rewatch it. Luckily I don’t revisit movies either.

4. When I worked at the United Jewish Federation in Pittsburgh (still my favorite day job to date), they had several programs to send Jews who had never been to Israel there to visit. Basically no matter how poor you were, the UJF made sure that you could visit Israel at least once. I thought that was a fantastic program, and I was really touched reading about Michael Kass’s own journey to Israel. I hope he reports back after the summer hiatus.

5. Ever since reading Sarah Fazeli’s disavowing of her long time crush, Mel Gibson, I’ve been trying to think of a star that I originally liked before realizing that he or she was a terrible human being. And I can’t think of one. M/b I’m just good at calling a celeb’s true personality from the get-go. Oh, wait, I’m now remember my middle school crush on Bobby Brown. Nevermind…