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Hello Friday: FaN Notes & Programming Message

So we’ve come to the time of the year, when my husband gets not one, but two whole weeks off and we spend that time doing stuff that doesn’t involve the internet. But not to worry. Last year when I went to Hawaii for two weeks as opposed to feeding the content dragon, we got a few complaints about leaving Fierce and Nerdy mostly blank. So starting the week after next, I’ll be burning off the rest of the year’s book reviews at And starting next Monday on, we’ll have year-end round-ups every weekday with our FaN bloggers weighing in on the best and worst of 2010. I can already tell you that there’s a ton of disagreement going around with a lot of folks “Best” showing up on other folks “Worst.” So do join the conversation (or argument) depending on how the comments go, starting next Monday.

Til then, let’s review what happened on our last full blogging week of 2010:

If you missed our top OMTBWG of the week, click on the pic to see these ingeniously re-imagined children's picture book covers.

1. Gudrun Cram-Drach solved the mystery of why women of all shapes and sizes look good in their jeans in France — but not so much here in America. I promptly made a resolution to do as the French do in 2012. Yes, I’ve already started my 2012 resolution list. Hey, being a chronic goal-setter ain’t easy, ya’ll. [Secret Life of an Expat]

2. Like Kelly Lett, I, too, am struggling to find a church that I fit into. We recently gave up on our old church because it’s inconveniently located now that we’ve moved. Also, the service time conflicts with our daughter’s daily nap (which she truly needs to be a decent human being). I’ve also become tired of the constant nagging and guilt-tripping that even the more liberal churches do to get you to give more money. It feels disingenuous, self-serving, and rather manipulative to me. Accusing those who already give you money of being selfish if they don’t find a way to give you even more money is not only a ridiculous way to conduct “business,” but also makes me feel like I’m attending an NPR pledge drive as opposed to a weekly devotion. Still, one of my 2011 goals is to find a new liberal church, closer to home with service times we can work around. [Nerd in Transition]

3. Now that I’m back at my pre-baby weight, I have been trying to think of ways to take in more healthy calories the next time I get pregnant, as opposed to more pancake calories. Hopefully, the easy-peezy Spicy Chickpeas recipe that Roya featured this week will help me fight off the hot wings and pancakes dragon cravings. [Fierce Foodie]

4. I think I’ve said before that I really did not enjoy being a child. It was boring, and let’s face it, children can often be mean, deeply uninteresting, and conversationally limited. For the majority of my years on earth, I’ve been of the opin, that life doesn’t get truly get good until one turns eighteen. So maybe that’s why I, unlike Joe Rusin, absolutely LOVED the somewhat-melancholy Charlie Brown Christmas special. [On the Contrary]

5. Fine, Amy Brown and Gudrun Cram-Drach and my SIL and my nephew and my agent and anyone else I talk to in passing about YA, I’ve started listening to HUNGER GAMES. The truth is I love to talk, and I just hate not being part of the conversation. Look for my book report before the end of the year. [Book Simple]

6. Are you like Kelli Bielema and me perfectly happy not to spend the holidays in your hometown? [Fierce in Seattle]