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Hello Friday: FaN Notes [Week 9 of 2011]

I’m currently typing this at 3am in the morning while trying to get in front of a sinus infection. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my netti pot, so I took Theraflu, so we’ll see. But seriously nothing like a netti pot to head off a sinus infection. That all TMIed, here are my thoughts for this week at Fierce and Nerdy:

1. Though Michael Kass was confused, I can see exactly why he was chosen to be the front page face of the [redacted] dating website. He looks exactly like what he is, friendly and personable, and I think it’s a great reflection of this particular dating site. Still, I’m wondering if he got them to take agree to take it down. Hopefully he’ll update us the money after next. [Single White Nerd: My Life as an Unwitting Cover Model]

2. I’ve tried rewriting this sentence three times and still can’t come up with anything level-headed to say about the ongoing demonization of unions. The issue seriously makes my head explode. Okay, not really. I’d be dead if my head exploded, but you get my meaning. [Political Physics: On Today’s Lunch Menu … Public Employee Unions]

I love old Joan Rivers routines, and thanks to Debra Goykhman for reminding me that I need to make the time to wait towatch this doc.

3. I love this quote from the comments section of Dr. Miro’s Facebook post of her Wednesday blogumn: “I don’t even need to read this, sex TOTALLY makes me smarter!” But I still think the commenter (and you!) should read the explanation for why. [Ask Dr. Miro: Sex Makes You Smarter?]

4. Speaking of Facebook comments, according to mine, Angry Birds can totally destroy a relationship if you don’t manage your addiction. But if you’re already in deep, Zack Bunker’s post on the subject is well worth checking out. [Tall Glass of Shame: Angry Birds Go Viral]

5. I’m not so much worried about physical bullying as I’m about verbal bullying with my own child. I seriously think words hurt more, but then again, I’ve never been physically bullied, so…  [Stay-at-Home Nerd: The Bully at the Mall]