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Hello Friday: Fierce Thoughts

Click on this cover pic to see the Essence feature on 32 CANDLES!

Big congrats to our last T-shirt winner of the week, Nina Feldman. Now, if you want a t-shirt, then you definitely want to pre-order a book NOW. We’re only giving away six more t-shirts before June 22nd, so if you want to get entered to win. Pre-order the book and let me know that you did.

That all reminded, here are my thoughts for our Fierce and Nerdy week:

Moms, how did you decide it was time to have a baby? One of our bloggers could use your advice. Click on the pic for the full article!

1. It’s funny that Josh believes that women are more attuned to a baby’s cries and men turn a deaf ear. Tell that to my poor husband, who had to shake me awake in the middle of the night to give a wailing Betty sustenance more than once during her breastfeeding months. Mama sleeps like a log!

2. Have you filled out your THEN and NOW submission yet? If not, go HERE to do so. We’re not only making a donation to FFAWN for every submission we get, but we’re also giving away t-shirts to the first 20 people that tell us their THEN and NOW story.

3. Thinking about getting the new iPhone, read Justin Case’s rundown and preview first! Spoiler Alert: You’re DEFINITELY going to want the iPhone 4.

4. I downloaded THE PARTICULAR SADNESS OF LEMON CAKE as soon as I read Amy’s review. Can’t wait to listen to it!

5. Michael, I used to be in love with my Kindle, too, but the iPad stole my heart, now it’s totally my ex-boyfriend.