Hello Friday: Fiercest Nerds on the Block August 13-20

Whatta week, and is it me or has this summer going by incredibly fast? How is it almost Fall already? Anywho, I’m a little too exhausted today to think up a good transition, so I’ll just say, here are the best comments of the week:


maddencoverre: FIERCE ANTICIPATION: August 14-16, in which Ryan compared Madden 10 to Oedipus. With a straight face. He also claimed his out-of-work roommate of watched Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos all day. His roommate shot back with libel accusations.

Joe: I have NEVER watched Jerry Springer or Maury Povich in the apartment. And I don’t know who Steve Wilkos is. Ryan’s just wants to protect the stores of Diet Coke in the apartment. I have to walk past him to the kitchen to get a drink, and I feel like Bilbo Baggins sneaking past the dragon Smaug to burgle something from his hoard of jewels.


Image Credit: kirstyfull

Image Credit: kirstyfull

re: Single White Nerd: Wherefore Art Thou Creepy, in which Michael Kass asked readers to explain the motivations of aggressive creepy guys — so that he can avoid becoming one himself.

AmyQOTWF: The creepy guy is like that because every so often a lady is so drunk or creepy herself that it works out for him. I have watched, in shocked amazement, at least a few times as the guy who was lean-y, aggressive and inappropriate with me earlier in the night, left the bar with a female. Creepy desperate chicks exist too and they aren’t helping the cause to chase off the creep.


re: NewlyNested: The First Rule of Book Club, in which Debra Goykhman goes from being an academic snob to a book club afficionado.

Anne: I started a book club at our last house and it was divine. I, too, had a bias going into them, but soon found that it was different from an academic setting, yes, but much more personally valuable, because there was so much more freedom to invoke our own experiences and draw insight for our own lives. We became a tight-knit group of friends and my book club is the one thing I really, really miss about our old life. Our group read everything from YA lit, to classics, to personal favorites that no one else in the group had ever heard of and had never been on any best-seller list. I miss my book club!


re: Technically Geeking: Buying a New Car, in which Justin Time wonders how a gadget geek should go about buying a new car.

CH: We bought are last car at Car Max […] with the no haggle pricing it makes it easy. We bought used but if you buy new I would go test drive at the dealer and then get it online. All dealerships have a internet department and you can do it all with email. I want a Jetta TDI myself.



re: The Art of the Re-Run, in which I admitted to not re-reading or re-watching as a general practice and asked what books, movies, and TV you liked to revisit over and over again.

Jeff Rogers: I like a balance. I believe certain works of art reward repeated viewings, hearings, readings, what have you. Some things I now love I didn’t even like the first time. And as far as advice to writers, I think it was Nabakov who said a writer’s better off reading six books ten times each than sixty different books, in terms of learning your craft. I’m sure I screwed that up somehow, but it’s something like that.