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Hello Friday: Fresh and Easy and Totally Awesome

So yesterday was filled with all sorts of exciting (for me) activities. After working on FaN during the wee hours of the morning, CH and I went for our 8-week ultrasound (it was supposed to be 6, but Belgium got in the way), which went well. The doctor looked at the former-dot, now-larger-spot in my womb and somehow made a head an arm and a heartbeat. I was happy to hear that s/he was doing well so far, but completely unable to see what she saw.

Afterward we had a big breakfast at Moes, I finished up the Thursday’s blog. Then we went on to the highlight of my entire day (and not just because it didn’t involve someone shoving a wand into my lady parts — though that did help).

Seriously, why am I just now discovering Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Markets? CH heard about them from his pregnant co-worker and friend Killie K. She described it as a fabulous utopia of pre-made (yet reasonably) priced food for people who like to eat well and easy, but don’t have a ton of time to cook. You know, people exactly like CH and me.

Now, I basically lived off these kind of stores during my first trip to London, and I often wondered why they didn’t have them over here. I can now say with glee that now they do, folks. Now they do.

And of course because we’re America, so this version is way bigger than anything Europe has to offer. Guys, can I just tell you it was beautiful? I mean I don’t believe in love at first sight, but this was loving at first sight. We found meals for 2 to sustain us through the rest of the weekend, plus tons of non-deli meat (which I also can’t eat) lunch options.

Next week we have the big Roya Hamadani cooking series, in which I make every recipe that she’s written about in her Fierce Foodie blogumns, so I’m looking forward to that.

But after that series is through, it’s Fresh and Easy all the way — at least for lunch. Sadly, they’re only in Los Angeles, Nevada, and Arizona right now, but it seems like they’re looking to expand big, so they might be coming to a neighborhood near you soon. Watch out Whole Foods! But if you live in one of the 3 states that has one of these insanely clever stores, go to their site to find out more and to get an online coupon. Also, they specialize in not-quite-there-yet neighborhods. So if you’ve been looking at some abandoned or for sale eye sore for sometime now, you can easily suggest that they consider it for a possible location.

That all said, I’ve decided to put up the picture of our 8-week ultrasound. I know some people are down with ultrasound pics, and some people are like “Ew! Why?” So I’ve posted it after the jump. That way you have a choice. Supposedly the bit to the left is his heartbeat, the right corner is his head and there are two arms on either side of the spot. But I’ll let you see if you can make any of it out.