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Hello Friday: Merry Nerdy Christmas Betty…

Dearest Betty,

Sometimes I wonder if you might want to be even a little bit cool when you grow up, and then I feel sorry for you because I know that you’ll be afraid to bring your popular-kid friends home for fear of them finding out about your nerdy lineage when they meet you’re not-even-trying-to-hide-how-geeky-we-are mom and dad. Your popular aspirations will also be thwarted by the fact that anyone who Googles “Betty Angela Hibbard” will find this baby picture from now on.

So here’s 32-year-old-me saying to future-15-year-old you that instead of Queen Bee, you might want to go for Queen Nerd. You have a good chance of achieving that goal with the foundation we’ve laid out for you. Also, study hard and keep your grades up — especially in math and science. You need a lot of math and science to become an astronaut.



Betty's xmas Jedi