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Hello Friday: Random Thoughts for the Week


Photo Credit: PAPYRARRI / Giant Humanitarian Robot

1. This week, I determined that I had to free up at least a half-an-hour a day for promoting 32 CANDLES, so I handed over promotion of their own blog posts to our Fierce and Nerdy writers. They did a fantastic job, and our numbers have remained steady all week. Yay!

2. I really enjoyed sending Gudrun her care package last week. Sadly when I had several friends that lived outside the country, I couldn’t afford to send care packages. And now that I can afford care packages, I’ve only one friend living outside the country. Oh, well.

3. So we’re gearing up to move again in November. And this time we’re thinking Pasadena, Burbank, or Glendale. Don’t ask.

4. RIP Alexander McQueen. I both loved and hated many of his red carpet evening gown designs.

5. I bet Bill Clinton is happy that news of his stent surgery ripped through Days of Our Lives — right at the good part. You’re still Breaking News, Billy.

Oh and before I forget, Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!