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Hello Friday: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

"The Rape of the Sabine Women" by Giambologna

"The Rape of the Sabine Women" by Giambologna

So the other day, one of my Facebook friends asked what everybody’s favorite musicals was. Most them responded with Rent, which I liked, too. However, it’s not my favorite musical. My favorite musical also happens to be the movie I’m most embarrassed to admit that I could watch over and over again, and that’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

But didn’t you go to a feminist college, Ernessa? Why yes I did.

And isn’t the premise of seven mountain brothers kidnapping six city women after being influenced by the Roman Rape of the Sabine Women rather misogynistic? Why, yes it is.

And how about the women eventually coming to like their kidnappers before Stockholm syndrome came to be know as an official mental illness?

Yes, yes, I know. But the songs are so very catchy and the dancing is phenomenal! Despite all of my deeply held beliefs and cynicism, I could watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers again and again. Surely, you too, have some movie like this that goes against everything you believe, yet still holds a special place in your heart. If so, please list it in the comments. If not, you’re officially a better person than I am. This isn’t hard to be, but congrats on that anyway.