Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block: April 17 – April 23

bookshelf-annotationSo NEXT week, I’m doing another series, which will hopefully be fun. So far we’ve done Money and Kids, and the topic that will be dissected within an inch of it’s life next week is … Modern Love. The novel I’m working on right now is somewhat centered around dating in Los Angeles, so I admit that the topic has been on my mind lately.

But before we get into next week, let’s revisit the past five days.



re: Fierce Foodie: Masala for a Rainy Day, in which Roya Hamadani extolls the virtues of a good Indian food buffet. This next comment really made me want to go to Tokyo:

BabySmiling: I love mango lassi; my local Indian restaurant makes a nice version with ground pistachios and a definite hint of rosewter. I’m a mango fan anyway, but it’s also usually the only flavor available. I’ve only been to a few restaurants with flavors aside from plain or mango, and then it’s only one or two others. Except in Tokyo. The random Indian restaurant I went to had literally a dozen flavors of lassi — many were fruits that I’m pretty sure don’t exist in India. One of hundreds of surprises that Tokyo had for me.


re: Tall Drink of Nerd: Lappy Come Home, in which Amy Robinson laments not backing up her hard drive and therefore losing 8 months worth of pics and writing after thieves stole her laptop.

crystal: I came across this article on new software and service that can track your gadget (laptops included) and then you know who has your laptop, iPhone, BlackBerry… wonder how well it really works? http://ca.tech.yahoo.com/experts/tedkritsonis/art…


re: The Order of Good News, in which we discussed the list and order of people that we call with good news.

Kalimba: I definitely have a list, and it’s a short one. The older we get, the more refined the list becomes right? I love that.


re: Bookshelf Annotation, in which I railed against forgetting all of the Chinese that I had learned in college and therefore not being able to buy the pictured-above bookshelf annotation from the Chinese firm that designed it, even though I’m sure it would change my life. Apparently one of our readers knows a lot more handy boys than I do.

LucyBB: That looks so easy to make. Just find a nice boy who has some wood-working skillz.


re: Secret Life of a Nerd Girl: 90 is the new 60?, in which Gudrun Cram-Drach talks about the longevity of her grandparents.


My Great Grandmother is 92 and still going just fine.
she has great great grandchildren who are teenagers.
90 is the [new] 60.
My grandmother and mother are still young and vital…
ask them and everyone will swear its living the way you want
loving the way you want
and knowing you still matter to people.