Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block April 3 – 10

foldedmoneyWow, what a great week in comments! Sandwich-stealing thespians, awful couple pet names, and I suspect that one of our writers is actually in league with Tyson Anytizers. Investigation pending…


re: Fierce Anticipation: April 3-5, in which Ryan Dixon extolled the many virtues of the Rock of the Ages: The Musical, and told a rather sad-but-inspirational story about one of its stars, Mitch Jarvis, stealing a sandwich back when he was literally living the life of a starving artist. A couple of readers were upset for the charming and talented Mitch and offered their alms, should he fall on hard times in the future. Art, is after all, a religion.

radish: [Tell] Mitch, i can make him a sandwich (and cookies) anytime, so he won’t starve. ;-)

Emily_29: Tell MItch if he is ever at the “sandwich stealing” point in his life again he can come to the desert and live in the guest house…I hear they shoot movies out here sometimes…


re: Do You Have A Snoogle Pop?, in which we discussed the study that says that couple’s who call each other by silly pet names have a stronger bond. Apparently, a few of our readers are in some really strong relationships. Really? Fushnickins? Thackery Binx?

BabySmiling: We nicknames so much that it weirds us out if we hear the other one call us by name — which only happens when we refer to each other in front of people.

Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd”: We call each other baby and honey and other stuff (Fushnickins, etc…)

Zack from “Tall Glass of Shame”: ugh, I hate to admit this but I am guilty… me: Thackery Binx him: Cupcake oy vey….


re: Political Physics: Can the Obama Administration Afford Another Bailout? Pt. 2, in which Monique King-Viehland posits (rather appropriately during Easter Week) that perhaps we should let the auto industry die, so that Detroit might be reborn — like Pittsburgh.

CH from “Buy Me This”: I think your dead on with this. Until we let Detroit die it can’t be reborn. I have been to Detroit many times and the city needs new industry instead of trying to hang on to our grandparents jobs.


re: Wonderfully Awful: Advertising in the Age of Tivo, in which Robin Rosenzweig complains about embedded advertising in TV programs now that those of us with DVRs no longer bother with watching commercials. One of our readers was suspicious that this post was actually a case of reverse psychology.

Evil E: Wait a minute! Is this blog really about annoying product placement, or are you really just a shill for Tyson Anytizers?? I’m on to you! Now excuse me while I enjoy some Extra Long Lasting Sugar Free Gum and watch the Biggest Loser.

[Editor’s note: I would dismiss Ms. E as a conspiracy theorist/Extra Sugar Free Gum schill, but yesterday I bought a box of Tyson Anytizers as a direct result of reading about them in Robin’s post. So now I must wonder…]


re: Thought Chuck for April 9th, in which Charles Cron reveals that all of our money is coated in animal glue, which is what makes it so very foldable. Think about that the next time you read Animal Farm! One reader is grateful that we helped her get to the bottom of her physical aversion to money.

Jennifer May Nickel: yay for visa! unless they use animal glue too…no wonder why my fingers itch and i get hives when i deal with cash!