Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block July 3-9

Hey Darlings,

Bad dates + Vicodin + Secret Foods = a great first week back with comments to match. Check out our best of below:


re: Fierce OR Nerdy: America vs. USA in which slpc asked us to choose between “America (the Beautiful)” and “Proud to be an American.”

BabySmiling: How about a write-in vote for Neil Diamond’s America?  “Today!”


re: Single White Nerd: Real Life vs. Blog Land in which Michael Kass gets prematurely dumped after a date Googles him and finds his past Fierce and Nerdy blog posts. Doh!

keldoo: She seems rather judgemental and completely lacking in the sense of humor department. And PS, [if] you’ve googled the person you are on a date with. You’re supposed to put that information in your back pocket and use it when necessary.


Photo Credit: Ebonezer

Photo Credit: Ebonezer

re: Hasta La Vista, Vicodin? in which we informed you that the federal gov’t is taking under consideration a proposal to ban Percoset and Vicodin.

(Thought) Chuck: Oh noes indeed! What will people like Liza Minelli & Rush Limbaugh do?!?!?! SERIOUSLY!!!


re: Our Secret Foods, in which we asked if you had any secret foods — foods that you only eat when no one else is watching. Apparently, many of you do. Here are just a few of them:

littledebbieoatmealcremepieCH: Hostess chocolate donuts.

keldoo: Twinkies. Frozen. Always….

Robin: Spoonfuls of store bought cake frosting.

aimee: i had crunch berries for dinner! they made me sick but i may go back for more…

Kim: When I was a kid I used to sneak in the kitchen and slice off hunks of salami then hide the wrappers between my mattress and headboard. Somehow I foolishly thought my mom would never find all those wrappers or notice that the salami stick was getting smaller and smaller. And no hide the salami jokes y’all!


Photo Credit: Jean-Phillipe Rebuffet

Photo Credit: Jean-Phillipe Rebuffet

re: Venice Flytrap: The Strange Case of (My Date with) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in which Kelly Kaboom tells us about the worst impromptu date ever. Ever.

jenny: OMG! That scenarios needs to go into some screenplay pronto! For a while I thought he might have been trying to pull that ‘insult you to make you like me’ trick that guys try, but this one WAS a real douchebag! At least you got some good fish and a great story out of it!