Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block: June 19-25

It’s been an epic week to be a guest editor: Star Wars, LOTR, 4th of July Embarrassments, and Baby Betty was born! A truly momentous week for FaN.


re: Fierce OR Nerdy, in which slpc asked us to choose between Cupcakes and Brownies.

AlysiaNichole: In my opinion, blondies are simply fat cookies cut into squares or rectangles. They shall be renamed “sqookies,” short for square cookies.


re: The Betty Experience: Showing Betty New Things, in which ETC lived blogged about preparing herself for the delivery room experience.

Tara: My husband audio-recorded the delivery (without anyone knowing) on his iphone — so no visuals, but it was cool to hear some of it (weird as it was)!


One of the LAST pregnant pics...

Last Day of Pregnancy

We had the MOST VISITORS EVER to FaN on Monday (!), which made it difficult to choose just one nerd for that day… so here’s five.

re: The Betty Experience: Still Sleeping on my Side, in which

BabySmiling: After watching many episodes of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant on TLC, the 9 cm lady is fine in my book as long as she knew she was pregnant in advance. Maybe she got stuck in the snow? No, that’s not it. Maybe traffic? There are people whose labors go from 0-60 very quickly, so it’s possible she’s not as bad as you think. But if she’s a good outlet for your labor aggression, go for it. Maybe Betty will beat up her kid for you in the nursery.

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re: The Betty Experience: the Oxygen Mask, in which Ernessa seriously reconsidered her nurse’s qualifications after the nurse mistook Juice Newton for Abba.

Tamlyn Wright: I was just reading yesterday that kissing and laughter all through contractions lets out endorphins which help in the pain, and nipple-play releases natural pitocin. I suggest a big crazy make-out session every contraction, that will keep the mask off, and the musically inept nurse out!

re: The Betty Experience: The Darkest Night is Just Before the Epi, in which Ernessa finally earned her epidural.

JaniceZ: That is funny, I was just thinking this morning that it must be like Christmas. All the anticipation the night before and little sleep and the anxiety of checking your cervix the next morning to see how far you have come.

re: The Betty Experience: Dis Livin Outside Da W0mb Stuff is Da Straight Bizness, in which Ernessa introduced us to Betty.



(Aunt) Kim Miranda: Congrats to the both of you Good job!! Now let the Fun begin. Life passes by very fast so enjoy each minute of every change to share this time with her.

Roonster: Oh my goodness! Welcome to the world little munchkin- you have the BEST parents! I have been reading these posts with wonder- HOW have you been blogging through all of this? seriously! But they are THE. BEST. You amaze me. CONGRATULATIONS! And that you for sharing the amazing experience!!!


re: Political Physics: A Father’s Day Reality Check, in which Monique King-Viehland presented facts, figures, and opinions about the significance of Fatherhood.

Mom: After reading your blog, I must say I do agree with you on some of the points, but I would like to offer that if you love your children with all your heart and put them first, teaching and instilling in them whats right and wrong, telling them they can do anything with God’s help and love they just might turn out to be beautiful, loving, compassionate, strong people like a certain someone I know. What cannot brake you down should make you stronger. A single mom is already up against the odds so she must work ten times as hard to help her children cope and achieve and pray daily that what she teaches her children will have a life-long impact.



re: Buy Me This: My Dream Home, in which CH gave us a peak inside the 7.7 mil dollar Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece in Pasadena.

JaniceZ: We LOVE Pasadena and may look there for our next home (in about 7 years, probably). Perhaps a bunch of us could get together and start a commune in one of these multi-million dollar homes. We could all raise our babies together and never be in need of childcare. (We can also home school them and make them wear hideous homemade outfits).


re: Procrastinate on This! Do Hot Chycks Play WoW?, in which Ernessa shared an awesome Mountain Dew Commercial, but wondered if it was demographically accurate.

JBearn: I’m a woman and I play WoW & drink Mountain Dew. For what it’s worth, my husband is damn sexy and not the stereotypical WoW nerd either. I will admit we’re in the minority, which is why you’ve probably never met one.