Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block (March 13-19)

dahliadropThis week we found out that FaN commentators are in hate with three things: mixed messages, AIG, and Baby Bangs.


re: Fierce Anticipation, in which Ryan Dixon says that the Pittsburgh Pirates suck and basically backs it up with their record, which is so bad, they are literally about to officially be the worst American sports team in the history of ever.

JerseyJoe: No longer do I desire to watch a team that I know is simply, and flat out, going to lose. On the plus side, a trip to PNC Park is still one of the best deals in baseball. Tickets are cheap and the food isn’t too expensive. Take the Yankees for example. I have been and always will be a huge Yankee fan, but you simply cannot go to a game without burning $100 minimum. Your ticket, food, and a beverage. Who is not going to get a beverage, when the temperatures are soaring above the 90s in the summer? For the Pirates, walk in with two twenty dollar bills and you’re going home with change to spare…


re: Single White Nerd, in which the only action Michael Kass gets is some serious mixed messages and a thorough put-down after it is discovered by his potential liaison partner that he owns not only tiki lights, but also a blue leather couch.

sadclown487: Dude, she’s not worth it. A girl who doesn’t know how to say what she wants is a girl who will waste all your time fucking with your head (and only your head, alas).

stubbie: I can’t believe you people! Engaging in this petty bickering about pursuer vs. prey and letting Mike sit there with the big elephant in the room, alone and lonely, unable to address his very fundamental relationship issues. To wit: Tiki lights? Used blue leather couch? Even if used in the proper ironic context, Mike has neither the too-short, tight pants nor the plaid hat to pull off the post-hipster early 90’s retro-chic look. It will forever remain a barrier to sustained, healthy sexual relations. Mike, you can get help. We’re here to help.


re: Political Physics: Are You Kid-AIG-ing Me, in which Monique King-Viehland expresses outrage over the AIG bonuses. Apparently, like everyone agrees with her, though some serious debate did ensue. The entire comment thread is worth checking out.

re: Does Being Geeky Make Me Annoying? in which I confess that both my husband and I have 5/10 of qualities on Wired’s 10 Most Annoying Habits of Geek Spouses list. As it turns out, many FaN readers are way geekier.

slpc: Wow — I’m 9 out of 10. How did that happen!?!?!? I don’t use klingon or frak, thank god… But punning? Check. Over the top holidays? Check. Dissecting movies? Ha — double check. Geeky t-shirts? I had to think about that one — what’s geeky about wearing atari and star wars t-shirts to the grocery? Fine. Check. Geeky stuff in the closets? Less so me than [my husband] Justin, but still — check. Geeky toys? Checkity check (I’m not ashamed of my fuzzy Bantha). Going to wiki/imdb during an argument? I outsource 90% of my trivial knowledge — check. Watching TV ASAP pre-spoilers? Who doesn’t do that?? And geeky projects — sigh — I even subscribe to ReadyMade mag. Good thing Justin has the same 9/10.


re: Baby Bangs, in which we explore a service that provides hair pieces or “baby bangs” for hair-challenged baby girls.

kim: Isn’t the whole point of being a baby is to grow up and let your hair grow in???? How paranoid of a parent do you have to be to buy your kid a fake hair piece. Seems like that same person would be worried about their baby ripping off the baby bangs in public and thereby exposing their dirty little secret. And what happens when your baby’s hair grows in and oops oh my…their hair isn’t the color of all those sweet little pictures you took of your baby in the baby bangs! Imagine having to explain later in life how your parents bought you a hair piece!!! If you baby looks like man put her in pink and deal. jeez.


re: Tall Glass of Shame: LED Wee!, in which Zack gets almost weirdly excited about LED lights.

CH: I see more and more LED’s at work. It is the future of lighting. I think in 10 years people will think of incandescent bulbs the way we think of 8 track tapes