Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block: May 29-June 4

pregfishChinese English-speakers! North Korea! Pregnant Fish! And that’s just the stuff that didn’t make our “best of” comments. What a crazy week…


re: Fierce OR Nerdy, in which slpc asked us to choose between movie soldiers and movie dinosaurs.

(Thought) Chuck: G.I. JOE – four words: “Channing Tatum in leather.” Umm, hello people, the choice of soldiers is now obvious!


img_2982re: Fierce in Seattle: Dog Days, in which Kelli Bielema exposes the sad reality of puppy mills. Basically, if you love dogs, don’t buy them from a pet store and support your local humane society. They’re doing amazing work.

Justin_Time: It’s no wonder that so many of the dogs that people buy at pet stores have bad temperaments after growing up in these kinds of conditions. I hope all these dogs find happy homes.


Photo by Luca Vanzella

Photo by Luca Vanzella

re: If You Ask Me: BBQ Etiquette, in which Travis Randall declares that no matter how bad the host is messing up your barbecue, you should never, ever touch his or her grill.

BabySmiling: Once I was at a birthday party BBQ where a bunch of guys (they were all physicians, actually) argued for 20 minutes about the best way to get the coals lit. One guy’s stance was “More lighter fluid! More! More!” He grabbed the bottle and kept spraying, so he won the debate through sheer force. My mushrooms tasted like they’d been marinated in lighter fluid. Everything was gross — and toxic. The only people who could really eat were the vegans who’d brought their own corn wrapped in foil to keep it safe from meat residue (and by extension, lighter fluid). We all ended up eating a lot of birthday cake to make up for our lack of BBQ food — not that I had much food to begin with, being a vegetarian. I hate BBQs.


youngwoodhousexmasre: Awesomely Tacky Houses, in which we feature two really, really — you know I just can’t stress this enough, really tacky houses.

kim: lawd have mercy jesus! as my mama would say call him when you need him and those two houses need him. STAT!


Last but not least, if you’re looking for some good Summer TV suggestion, check out the comments section of our post on Summer TV.