Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds On The Block (May 8-15)

Whatta week, whatta week! Spock, Rats, Responsible Procreation — you know, there’s an app for that…


re: Fierce OR Nerdy, in which slpc asked you to choose between Fierce (Wolverine) or Nerdy (Spock).

cybele: I’m not sure how I feel about sci-fi movies/tv’s belief that all members of a species must have the same haircut (and clothes) all the time. Vulcans live for something like 200 years … do they all always have that shiny bowl/bangs cut?


cutest-rats-23re: Rat-A-Cutie, in which I posted one pic of a sleeping rat that was actually cute and two that were supposed to be cute but completely skeeved me out.

WonderfullyAwflRobin: I had a pet rat, too, and she was an adorable and sweet little thing. When you live in an apartment that isn’t dog or cat-friendly, rats can be a good alternative if you want to have a pet. The problem is that they live long enough for you to grow attached, but don’t live much longer than that. But yeah, if I found a rat in my kitchen drinking Dr. Pepper, I would most certainly freak out.


re, Political Physics: To Birth or Not Birth, in which Monique King-Viehland asked whether it was fiscally or socially responsible to bring children into the world right now.

AmyQOTWF: As a woman who is choosing not to procreate, those types of thoughts have about 2% bearing on my decision. They are so negative and just stinkin’ thinkin’. I totally agree with Ernessa, awesome people should bring more awesome babies into the world! Sure there is a lot of madness with this whole global warming dealie, wars, repressions, etc… but hey, we don’t know what the world is going to be like in the future, at all. My folks started having kids during the cold war and the Bay of Pigs stuff. The sky was falling then too. For all we know your child could be the genius we need to fix the problems.


re, Technically Geeking: There’s An App For That, in which Justin Time proposes a bunch of great iPhone apps … and that “There’s an app for that” should become a catchphrase in the the tradition of “That’s what she said.”

slpc: I’m serious about the catch phrase!! Try to use it at least once tomorrow. For example:

Your CoWorker: I got with the craziest girl last night. Man, you shoulda seen her —
You: There’s an app for that.

Your Other CoWorker: Did you hear? They’re merging our department. If I lose my job, I’ll kill myself.
You: There’s an app for that.

Your Boss: I’m afraid we’re going to have to let you go.
You: There’s an app for that.

Your Boss: If you need help packing up your office —
You: There’s an app for that.

Your Boss: Alright. I’m calling security.
You: There’s an app for that.


re: Are You Cut Out For Star Fleet Or The Tardis?, in which we asked how many of us would run off with Dr. Who or join Star Fleet IRL.

MMKV: If I was not (a) a Wife, (b) a Mother and (c) Scared to eat new things in new places, I would totally join Star Fleet and boldly go where no Trentonian has gone before.