Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Blocks July 23-30

Just what is in Sauce Americaine and how should one properly spell “yay?” We’ve learned a lot this week at good ole Fierce and Nerdy. Check it out:




re: Fierce Anticipation: July 24-26, in which Ryan Dixon told us the worst guinea pig story in the history of ever. Seriously, you’ve got to read it to believe it.

Larry: Was that the original script to “G-Force”? Troma Films present…a Lloyd Kaufman film…”G-Force: The Carnage.” I’ll have to show this to my daughter when she grows up. Oh…and thanks for mention of my late mother’s breast. Classy!


re: Tall Drink of Nerd: Recession Recess, in which Amy Robinson gives us a bunch of great free, recession-ready workout tips, including monkey bar pull-ups. Her husband co-signed that check in the comments:

Seen: Just to reinforce what Amy said, she does look ridiculous when she’s doing her exercises. (I’m just kidding, she looks sexy, but she’s too modest to say that), but it’s not about how you look, it’s about feeling better and I can tell you that nothing makes you feel better than getting out in the fresh air. Here’s a website and podcast to prove it. http://www.alleghenyfront.org/story.html?storyid=…


re: Political Physics: Dying for Reform, in which Monique King-Viehland put forth that self-serving, insurance-company pandering Democrats may be the biggest obstacle to getting healthcare reform passed.

Donna: See this reminds me of the old saying……You Cannot Trust Anyone!!


Image Credit: Khantipol

Image Credit: Khantipol

re: How Do You Spell “Yay!”, in which we wondered after the proper spell of this popular exclamation: is it yea, yay, or yeah? Final verdict:

slpc: I’m usually a nice person, but not when it comes to people who write “Yea” for “yay.” It’s “Yay! I’m excited!” Like “Hooray!” As Keldoo said, “yea” means “yes,” as in yea or nay, and is used in voting situations. All in favor say yea or nay. People who say “Yea, I’m so excited!” might as well say “Hell nay, I’m not gonna eat that!” […] I just googled and found this to back me up, which happens to be one of my favorite sites, and not just because it agrees with me: http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/yea.html


Thank goodness they have American Sauce here. I would be so lost without it.

Thank goodness they have American Sauce here. I would be so lost without it.

re: Secret Life of a Nerd Girl: It All in the Sauce, in which the not-particularly-patriotic Gudrun Cram-Drach found herself standing up for her country … now that she’s an expat living in France. Of course the biggest question everyone had about this post: “What exactly is Sauce Americaine?” Here’s her answer:

Gudrun: OK, I re-tasted American Sauce. The little specks of stuff are shallots, but they don’t really taste like shallots. I was thinking of thousand island dressing too, but then I want ot say there is a mix of something else in it, then it gets ironic because that something could maybe be what we call French dressing, which I am sure the French have no knowledge of… It reminds me a bit of the secret sauce on In-n-Out hamburgers, but I feel like the little bits of stuff should be relish instead of shallots.