Hello Friday: THE KARMA CLUB by Jessica Brody [Book 23 of 2010] Jun18

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Hello Friday: THE KARMA CLUB by Jessica Brody [Book 23 of 2010]

So obviously I’m still behind on my goal of 25 books before my own book comes out, but I’m going to make it, so come back this weekend, to see two more book reviews before we launch our new THEN and NOW series next week. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this series. The entries so far have been beyond touching, and I’m just delighted that there are so many people across the world who have made a change for the better since high school. Oh, and friendly reminder, there’s still time to submit your THEN and NOW story here. But enough about that, let’s get into today’s book, THE KARMA CLUB by Jessica Brody.

Why I Decided To Read It: Jessica is a fellow Smithie, and every time, I told another Smithie about my book, her name would pop up. When I saw that she had her first YA novel out in April, I downloaded it (to my iPad) on the d.o.t. I also got one for my shelf, which I forgot to get signed when I finally did meet her. Doh!

What It’s About: The main character, Madison, and her two best friends get dumped in pretty heinous ways, so they form a secret Karma Club to get back at their exes and the girl that replaced Madison.

What Makes It Different: Well, some YA books read like they could m/b be a movie. This is basically the novelization of a teen movie that I would totally watch.

What I Loved: Brody takes high school seriously. She demands better from her main character, and the book despite it’s glossy situations, turns out to be a real journey for Madison. It actually got me to thinking about karma and being a better person. I think this would be a terrific pick for high school book clubs.

What I Didn’t Like: Zero diversity, and I had trouble telling the two best friends apart.

Writing Lessons Learned:

Revenge as a driving force. My rogue sci-fi novel has revenge as driving force, and I find that I love to read and watch movies about people seeking revenge. What’s awesome about THE KARMA CLUB, is that it’s about high school girls not only seeking revenge, but also power in a social dynamic that often renders them powerless.

Keep it short. There were a few moments when I wished Brody would have shown us what happened as opposed to telling us, but then again, she saves the best for last, drawing out Madison’s dilemmas and their related solves.

Make a great book trailer. The book trailer for THE KARMA CLUB is just awesome. Check it out below! And yes, that is Deepak Chopra.

To Whom Would I Recommend This Book: Teenage Girls, The Recently Dumped, People Who Lack Altruism

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