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Hippie Squared: Can I Make a Blog Out of This?

What do I write about for my blogumn today—which is late, by the way?

What kept me lying awake in bed this morning when I woke up before dawn?

All the things I have to take care of. All the things on my mind.

Mindfulness is on my mind. Thankfulness is on my mind—but plaguing me. There are people I haven’t thanked, people I’ve neglected, whole areas of my life gone fallow. Long lost family I’ve not talked to in years, family friends, all of that.

There are plane tickets, plans to make for a trip back to the Midwest for my niece’s bat mitzvah and transport of my mom’s old furniture and books and papers out here, a cross country trip with my brother Ray.

There are money matters that need attending to, book balancing and budgeting.

This blogumn is overdue.

I’ve been out of work for awhile; going back next week; been hearing rumors of what’s been happening there when I’ve been gone and at some point I’ll have to turn my attention in that direction, figure out what I’ll be walking into when I return.

There’s stuff on this computer that’s important to me that I haven’t backed-up yet.

How is it that all of it piles up?

I turned off my 6:30 alarm at 6am this morning and got up and sat down at this computer and began to type.

Can I make a blog out of all this?

There are probably any number of blogs I could make out of this, if I pick a direction and go with it.

At least I feel a little empowered now, because I’m writing this, and at the same time I’m downloading the new version of iTunes to my computer and my iPhone. Tick that off the to-do list.

To-do list overwhelment. Do you have that problem? Too many things on the to-do list, don’t know what to-do next?

Take action. In any direction. That’s what I’ve discovered helps. Take action. You can sit around wondering what action to take, or you can take action. When you take an action, it frees you up to continue with further actions, in the same or other directions. And lo and behold, things start getting done. There are always more things; but things start getting done.

Can you relate? (Did I make  a blog out of this?)