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I Went to Vegas and Ended Up With a New Car [Newly Nested]

Last time I told you all about taking my dogs to Vegas.  On the dog front it was a successful trip, but during the three days we were there we had a few small hiccups. The short of it is, I went to Vegas and I ended up with a new car.

On the way up, my husband hit a piece of rubber on the road.  At the end of the trip, when we started driving home, we realized that the road-rubber had hit the lining on the bottom of our car. It sounded like the bottom of the car was dragging on something. We decided to stop at the border of Nevada and California, which is only 45 minutes away from Vegas, to eat and inspect the situation. After we grabbed our fast food, we realized that the lining in the wheel well, above the tire was rubbing on the tire.

That is when my pregnancy hormones went into full swing.  Suddenly this debris scraping on a rubber tire seemed like a dangerous idea for a five hour trek into the dessert. I did not want to get stuck, 7 months pregnant, in 110 degree temperature, stranded in the middle of nowhere.  The lining had to be removed.  My husband swore to me it wasn’t that important and a cheap fix.  We called AAA and the only thing they offered us was a tow.  Then we tried duct taping and went on our way.  We only made it one mile down the freeway before we heard the dragging noise again, so we turned around and went back to the border.

I called many mechanics, ones that were even open 24hrs and they all said they wouldn’t work on my car until the next morning.  My husband wanted to get home and that is when he took a knife to my car.  He got under the car in the 100 degree heat and cut, cut, cut the lining out.

The next week when we took my car into Nissan we found out my husband was right, the lining wasn’t so expensive to fix.  However, they found a number of other problems and apparently that piece of rubber we hit on the road damaged another part of my car.  They gave me a $1300 estimate, half from the damage and half on other things they happened to find.  After my husband agreed to the fixes and hung up the phone I told him to call back immediately to not go ahead and fix it. We agreed that, maybe it’s time to just get a new car.  That estimate was the straw that broke this camel’s back.  It seemed like every other time I took my car in for an oil change I would need at least $1500 worth of extra repairs. I felt like either I was being taken for a ride, or my 2005 Altima was really not that good of a car.  Either way, I just didn’t want to deal with Nissan anymore.

A new car was an idea that was far from what we had been thinking the day before.  I had two years left to pay on my car and I wanted to have my car for another five years after my payments were done with my Altima. With two dogs and a kid coming on the way, I had started to long for an SUV so I could continue taking my dogs with me places and have the kid safely in the back seat.  When we had dropped our car off for service at Nissan someone from the dealership had offered us more for the car than I had owed with no obligation to trade in or buy from them.  By the end of that weekend I had purchased a used Acura MDX (my dream SUV) and sold the Altima.

Even though the stress of Vegas felt enormous at the time, without it I wouldn’t have had my new car. I am much happier now with my purchase.  Maybe I am wrong and the repairs I had been making with Nissan were reasonable, but I am happy with my decision.  Instead of living with the sedan, I now have a car that fits the needs of our growing family.  That’s how I went to Vegas and ended up with a new car.

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