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If You Ask Me: If You Can’t Make The Kill, You Shouldn’t Put It On The Grill


a blogumn by Travis Randall

cowHey Nerds! For this article I want to talk about the statement “If you aren’t willing to kill it, you shouldn’t eat it”. This would normally get filed into the “no shit” category  but I realized there are a lot of softies who follow this site.

I am amazed by people who don’t understand that a hamburger was once alive and mooing. Most people understand this but could they kill a cow? “HELL NO” is the answer. Most of them would be afraid to pet a cow. Cows are actually pretty easy to kill. Cows don’t suspect you are gonna do the unthinkable so they pretty much go about their day-to-day cow duties then WHAM! You get em’.

That may sound harsh, but is it as harsh as you eating any animal and not having the heart or respect to kill it yourself? Do you deserve to eat anything you couldn’t kill and clean yourself? I say no. I have killed animals [some bigger than me], removed their guts, and butchered them for eating. It is no laughing matter and let me tell you that after the first time you do it the grocery store looks mighty different.

Americans are pretty disrespectful towards meat eating in general. We use only the finest and more desirable cuts. Take a walk through a Mexican grocery store here in L.A. and look how much better use of the animal a Mexican cook makes. At Vallarta they sell cow lips, tongues, brains, balls, and chicken and pig feet. Those things look like animal parts. If you eat a cow lip sandwich, you know what the f#ck you are eating!

I’m challenging readers to actually take part in the slaughter of an animal and its preparation. Start small, kill a chicken. A local chicken farm will gladly let you take a field trip and show you what to do. It is your duty as a meat eater to do it! The first person to send me picture proof that they did it I will send them a case of BBQ sauce and two t-shirts. If you can’t imagine doing it, stop eating animals.

P.S. – Did you know that Jello-O is NOT a vegan friendly food?

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. photo credit: Cathy, Sam, Max, and Mai