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Is Jude Law Hot in THE HOLIDAY? – Wow! It’s Wednesday! [BEST OF FaN]


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Meanwhile, here’s a very important post on a seriously controversial topic that would still be in our top five if I hadn’t disabled its ability to do so. The poll is still open, so feel free to vote to vote below.

Originally published 03/23/11

Okay, an argument broke out in the comments onĀ my Gwyneth Paltrow post yesterday in regards to a very important question: Was Jude Law hot in THE HOLIDAY?

I argue that no, he was not hot. As a matter fact he was ridiculous, seeing as how his over-application of self-tanner turned him into a completely unheard of creature: a tan, blond Englishman. I might have forgiven his appearance if the film had been called THE SUMMER HOLIDAY, and were perhaps set in Greece. But no the film was about a holiday taken during the holidays, and in Jude’s case was set against the snow-laden background of a quaint British town in winter, I’m afraid that the heretofore attractive, Jude Law, came off looking both vain and orange.

Reads4Pleasure, however begs to differ. She insist that he is quote-unquote fine in this movie.

Seeing as I am right in most things, I already know that she is wrong. But I’ve decided to put it to you, Dear Reader.

The question you must settle definitively: Is Jude Law hot or ridiculous in THE HOLIDAY?

Click HERE to watch him in THE HOLIDAY, where he’s somehow tanner than his California-based co-star, Cameron Diaz. Then vote in the poll below.

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