Isn’t It Romantic(a)? Books 33, 34, 35, and 36 of 2011 [BOOK WEEK 2]

So you guys know I likes to mix it up, and I’m try to throw out a few hottie mm-bottie book reports from time to time. Well here are four romantica (romantica = explicit sex and language with a traditional HEA) novels guaranteed to steam up your e-reader.

THE SWEET SPOT by Kimberly Kaye Terry

I met Ms. Terry, an author who specializes in interracial romantica, at a book conference back in July. She is truly awesome and funny, so we did a book exchange.

THE SWEET SPOT is about a nightclub owner and undercover FBI agent named Sweet, who is investigating a pharmacist, suspected of stealing from her own clinic’s supply. Lots of seriously steamy sex ensues.  I opened it up on the plane ride home, and the book was pretty much devoured within twenty-fours.

What I Loved: Both main characters came with huge emotional baggage and that the villains had layers. There were no good or bad guys in this story.

What I Didn’t Like: There were a few dropped story threads toward the end, and the mystery was a bit convoluted.

Writing Lesson Learned: Nice +Seriously Flawed = Likeable

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Karen Neches, one of the authors at GIRLFRIENDS BOOK CLUB brought up this big supernatural trend in romance: “Why do people want to read about romances with supernatural creatures? I don’t get it. Especially the werewolf thing. It’s like being secretly attracted to your dog.” I laughed, then I was like, “Wait a minute, what’s this trend all about?”

A few months later I ran across a book blog, that made mention of Lora Leigh’s genetically-engineered feline, wolves, and coyotes series. After perusing several of the titles, I settled on ELIZABETH’S WOLF: Dash, a soldier, who has been genetically engineered with Wolf DNA receives letters from a grade-schooler while recovering from a horrific attack. But then the grade-schooler and her single mother disappear, and he finds out that they’re on the run from some seriously bad guys. After he recovers from his injuries, Dash decides to mate with the single mother from afar, tracks her and the daughter down and vows to protect them. Lots of seriously animalistic sex ensues.

What I Loved: Well, the sex between mom and the soldier is very, very different. I was not in any way expecting it. I’d say this is worth a read just for the anatomical surprise of it all. Also, there’s a really sweet romance underneath all the primal lust and violence.

What I Didn’t Like: The novel’s a tad long. The author could have shaved off 100 pages and still come up with a perfectly compelling story.

Writing Lesson Learned: Hero falling in love with girl before he even meets her = very intense love story.

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WHATEVER YOU LIKE by Maureen Smith

Ms. Smith’s name came up back when I did a post about looking for new romance authors to read. If I remember right, I chose this title because I was at the end of my monthly book budget and it was a cheap with an interesting premise to boot. It’s about about a good girl escort (she’s only doing this to pay her father’s medical bills), who, much to her chagrin, becomes romantically involved with one of her clients. Lots of unbusinesslike sex ensues.

What I Liked: Really interesting and flawed heroine —  she speaks Japanese, and this isn’t the first client she’s hopped into bed with. Lots of scenes set in Japan, and a ton emotional awkwardness — which I dig.

What I Didn’t Like: Weird cover. The guy is described as “deep molten brown” and someone who “could easily pass for Idris Elba’s brother,” but for whatever reason he looks extremely light on the jacket. Being a big Idris Elba fan and married to a lighting director, I totally wouldn’t have minded a better lit and better populated cover.

Writing Lessons Learned: Good girl in a dirty profession = interesting character in a compelling situation

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NOWHERE RANCH by Heidi Cullinan

Last year I picked up and was immediately book thralled by Ms. Cullinan gay male romantica, SPECIAL DELIVERY. As you do, I happened to remember that I liked this author a half year later, checked to see if she had anything new out, and voila! NOWHERE RANCH tells the tale of Roe, a young gay man who runs away from his bible-thumping farm family and stumbles into a job at Nowhere Ranch, which is owned by Travis, a former college professor who’s heartbroken over his ex-lover and heavily into BDSM. Lots of intense BDSM sex ensues.

What I Loved: Roe, is a quiet guy who doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t want to be become too connected to anyone or anything. It’s awesome when a character has specific wants and receives exactly the opposite of that, which is … wait for it … what he needs. Also, for a novel with several BDSM scenes, the romance was surprisingly cozy,  with nice pops of drama.

What I Didn’t Like: Sometimes the storytelling felt a bit rushed in places and by the end one big event was happening on top of the next with no time for breathers.

Writing Lesson Learned: Giving the character the exact opposite of his stated wants = Very satisfying love story.

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