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It Was the Best of Years… In Reverse Alphabetical order — Sorta

How about now? I’m feeling pretty good while writing this. I went to Target and Trader Joe’s this afternoon and didn’t want to claw my face off. Then I bought a copy of the Watchmen which I’m going to read later. Yes. Right now is good. Tabitha from “Fierce Science”

Being offered the opportunity to become a blogumnist on Fierce and Nerdy. Not only my favorite moment of the year, but perhaps of the decade. It even rivaled the first time I had sex at the very belated age of 21. I was that excited when Ernessa asked me to contribute to this blog. Seriously. — Ryan from “Fierce Anticipation”

Naturally, it’s Doctor Who related.  For Christmas, my fiancé surprised me with a second gift: a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver.  My very own! — Redheaded Stepchild

My favorite moment is when my roller derby team (and ETC’s former team) the Tough Cookies won the LA Derby Dolls 2008 championships. I have been with the team since the beginning and we had never made it to champs, much less won. Skating the track while holding that massive trophy is something that will stay with me forever. — Robin from “Wonderfully Awful”

That one is easy….giving birth to my son.  Why, because it was the most incredible moment of my life, I have never been so surprised by my own strength or afraid of the realization of just how much I loved this person whom I had just met. — Monique from “Political Physics”

This is really difficult, but my comic character, Tofu Baby, made an appearance at the Flagpole Music Awards. I got to be her voice back stage as she talked to the audience with Pete McCommons, the Flagpole’s editor. She even got heckled by a local musician! — Missy from “Dork Lifestyle”

Going to Australia with my mom was the trip of a lifetime. It’s something we will always remember. I felt honored to be able to afford to take her there financially and let her experience overseas travelling for the  first time! — Kelli from “Fierce in Seattle”

Sitting next to my parents and Drew Barrymore at the May 31 Tough Cookies vs. Sirens game right after getting ejected for the first time in my Roller Derby history. It was the first game my parents had ever seen and it was my early return from a broken collar bone. I played my heart out in that game, got ejected, got the crowd behind me and had Drew Barrymore reaching over her casting director to shake my hand and personally beg me to come in and audition for her movie. Now that’s a hollywood moment. — Kaboom from “Venice Flytrap”

My favorite moment of the year was probably writing fifteen pages worth of stand-up material all about Oprah and what a sanctimonious, emotionally inverted schmuck she is. Most of it’ll probably never see daylight ‘cause there’s just too much of it, but it’s good to know that it’s there. — Jordan from “Enough Already”

Decemeber 20th, 2008… I GOT ENGAGED at Griffith Observatory in sweats... it was perfect! — Jessica from “Musings on the Amusing”

Moments contemplating moments; moments on the ocean of time (see Hippie Squared: Tide of Time and Landsick Impressions). And this: Strolling a still lively but chilly French Quarter well after dark, warmed by sazerac and absinthe, when comes the clattering of hooves. “Santa!” Elise cries, and there he is, galloping forth out of the night on a horse drawn wooden wagon, red and white suit, bushy white beard, snow-trimmed red hat with snowball tassel bouncing. “Ho ho ho!” I bellowed, thrusting out my arm in a Santa salute. “Ho ho!” I heard him exclaim ‘ere he drove out of sight.  — Jeff from “Hippie Squared”

Launching Fierce and Nerdy and finally finishing my novel were pretty damn dope, but I suppose I should say finding out I was pregnant just in case the daughter I’m incubating reads this someday. — etc

I flew across the country to help wish my great-aunt a happy 95th birthday. Frail of body but sound in mind and spirit, her smile and endlessly fascinating stories remind that we’re all connected to each other, and that life can be a journey more wondrous than we can imagine. — Clark from Nerd Date

Finding out etc is pregnant. — CH from “Buy Your Geek This”

Oh, and few of us were excited about this Obama guy. Heard of him?

Publicly, listening to the prez-elect’s acceptance speech on NPR and feeling (dare I say it?) hope. Personally, going to the Annecy Animation Festival, because it was (and will always be) such a big goal to be there. It made me believe I was on the right path: that week in the French Alps changed my life. — Gudrun from “Secret Life of a Nerd Girl”

The election- Obama’s win was thrilling, but I was honestly more excited about my home state of North Carolina voting for him than anything.  When you grow up around some of the most biggoted people you can imagine, it is extraordinarily moving to see them vote for a Democratic black man.  Incredible. — Delia from “Chic Geek”

The return of sanity and integrity to the Presidency with Obama’s election. — Charles from “Thought Chuck”

My fave moment was at 8:01 PST when MSNBC announced Barak Obama as the President Elect of the U.S. of A.  I still get misty thinking about it.  After 8 years of the outrageous raping of our rights and economy and foreign policy, this man gives me hope.  I not only lived to see a black man elected President, which I never thought the rest of the country would do, I live to see a good man elected President.  (Ok, and he looked really good swimming in the ocean, when was the last time we had a hot prez?) — Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd”