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#JustRead [No Dear Thursday]

I know I promised you a book report on the Murakami that I read while fiercely anticipating his 1Q84, which hits these translated shores in October. But unfortunately, I’m a bit overwhelmed with deadlines, so I’ll have to save my thoughts until next week.

Meanwhile, my editormate and wunderauteur, Dolen Perkins-Valdez has started a #JustRead hashtag on Twitter. Basically every Monday, we proudly tweet about what we #JustRead. So put it in your calendar now to tweet your #JustRead on Monday.

Also meanwhile, all this #JustRead got me wondering what you are reading right now. I’ve got three books going:

DO THE WORK by Steven Pressfield on my iPad

OPPOSITE OF LOVE by Julie Buxbaum on my iPhone

THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTER by Randy Susan Meyers in physical form

But how about you? I’m always looking for books to add to my TBR. Sound off in the comments!

Happy Reading!

featured image credit: wharman