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Kanye, Beck, Quasimoto, Music News and a Playlist! [Tom Stillwagon]


Greetings nerds.

So, if you’re reading this, you have the Internet.

And if you have the Internet, then you are aware that Kanye West has a new album out.

It’s called Yeezus, and the majority of it does not suck.

It is real angry and intense.  It is also exceedingly more thought out musically than most of the competition.

Yeezus is Kanye’s love letter to himself.  It is also a big pile of hate mail for everyone around him.  Agents, his label, his contemporaries, ex-girlfriends and white people (especially white people) receive the beat-down on just about every track.

Objectively speaking, Kanye West is pushing us forward musically and aesthetically. Unfortunately, he is forcing us backwards lyrically and culturally at the same time.

You win some.  You lose some.

Some people will love Yeezus.  Some will detest it.
Everybody has an opinion, though, and here’s mine:

It isn’t nearly as groundbreaking as 808’s and Heartbreaks was when it dropped. It isn’t as perfect and polished as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (probably Kanye’s strongest work to date). But, given the fact that I can forgive shitty lyrics in exchange for the sake of furthering the evolution of musical arrangements and ideas, I’m recommending it.

Take it or leave it.

(Also, check out FaN writer Joshua Mauldin’s commentary here.)



Paul McCartney is way too cool for his age.  The man turned 71 this week, and to celebrate, he guest starred on a new single with EDM artist the Bloody Beetroots.  Let’s not forget he already fronted a reformed Nirvana this year, in addition to stealing the show as the headliner of Bonnaroo last weekend.

Dayum!  That’s one cool ass grandpa.

Thanks, Billy Shears.

The original Paul McCartney would be proud, if he was still alive today.



Beck released a new single, and it sounds more like Panda Bear than Beck.

Fuck it.  Beck reinvents himself every time he releases material.  I love that.
This sounds great, by the way.  Check it out. (It’s on this weeks playlist.)

The last Beck album was only released as sheet music, so you had to have a reading musician in your house in order to actually hear it.

This one plays through speakers, you lucky lazy dog, you.



The original Public Image Ltd album First Issue was never officially released in the U.S., until now.
Better late than never, I suppose…although 35 years is pretty fucking late.

Let’s set the stage: The year is 1978.  Rock had become bloated and corporate.
Disco had it’s teeth firmly planted in the culture.  New wave and hip hop were still underground at best.

PiL is considered the first post-punk band, and is/was fronted by the Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten (now known as John Lydon).
First Issue is cool arty stuff from a time long past.

Not only can you finally purchase it, you can also stream it on Spotify.



Other cool new releases this week include Quasimoto’s Yessir Whatever, the third album from the Madlib alter ego.
The record is smooth and enjoyable.  Good for a kick back on the couch with a spliff and your favorite cocktail.

ALSO – The 13th anniversary reissue of the Dandy Warhol’s 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia album dropped this week, considered by many to be one of the last great classic rock records of our time (me included).

The new 2 disc set includes some B-Sides and some demos…typical stuff.

Much cooler than those bonus features, however, is the Massive Attack Dub Remix of the song Godless from 13 Tales, also released this week.

ALSO ALSO – Pink Floyd on Spotify?!?!?!? Pigs really do fly.  If you’re already a fan, have a peek at all the cool bonus features that were included on the expensive remaster collection (all included here.)  If you’re a newbie to the world of the Floyd, might I recommend a one-two punch of Wish You Were Here and Animals to properly whet the palate.

Naturally, all this awesome music can be found on this weeks FIERCE AND NERDY PLAYLIST.

Listen!  Enjoy!  Subscribe, and I promise to update it every week from here on out!

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.