KITTIES! [Kicking Back With Jersey Joe] Mar18

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KITTIES! [Kicking Back With Jersey Joe]

Right now, I think we could all use some cheering up!  Let’s both take a second, relax,  and check out these hilarious cat videos I’ve found online.  Maybe you’ve seen one, maybe you’ve seen them all… but there’s no way you won’t chuckle at least a little!

First up… how about some kittens riding on a Roomba!

This one is totally creative!  It’s no carnival game, though…

This cat can play the piano… and you can even buy his song on ITunes!

Better than David Letterman’s stupid pet tricks… this cat crams its entire body into a goldfish bowl!

Next from CBS News, we head to Poland where a cat gets stuck in a window!  Don’t worry, a good natured pedestrian helps him get out!

The best way to break up a kitten fight… you probably should skip this if you are currently eating!

Behold!  The cat that can walk on water!

According to the description, this cat is 17 and trained herself to use the toilet.  You be the judge!

This will be quite a mess to clean up…

This little guy is entering the dating circuit, early!

Do cats like to go to the vet?  Let’s find out…

And let’s end our cat clip show… with a cat clip show!  Here’s a whole bunch of funny cats from America’s Funniest Home Videos, I believe…

So, there we go!  A dozen cat videos that should make your day a little brighter!

Domesticated cats have been associated with humans for well over 9,500 years according to new evidence of a kitten found buried in a sarcophagus in Cyprus.  Originally, domesticated cats were believed to have originated in Egypt, but new studies now point to them developing from ancient African Wildcats.

I’ve been exploring the option lately of getting another cat as a pet.  I haven’t had one for many years now.  My previous cat, Angel (pictured), was 17 years old when she became a victim of the 2007 pet food contamination.  While, we can’t prove it for absolute certain, my grandmother had purchased large amounts of the name brand tainted food that was responsible for the deaths of thousands of pets across the US.  Thankfully, that hasn’t happened again since and we all hope the proper steps were taken to avoid that from ever happening again to our pets, and even humans!

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What: Cats

From: Research now indicates they were domesticated with humans in Africa

JERSEY JOE RECOMMENDS: Cats make great pets, there’s no doubt about it.  I love dogs as well, but cats are much more independent and require less supervision.  Much of your cat’s behavior will depend on how you raise it.  Growing up in the country, I have found cats that are rescued from shelters or strays taken in make much better pets.  I hope you will visit your local animal shelter and take home a new friend, soon!