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KTW vs ETC: TV on the Radio – Dancing Choose


A Nerd Versus by Kyle T. Wilson and Ernessa T. Carter

Our favorite (mostly) black nerd band, TV on The Radio released the second single from their upcoming third album on Tuesday. Are we still in love?

First the song:

Then Kyle’s Take:

I’m over-the-moon in love with TV on the Radio’s new single from their forthcoming album, Dear Science.  The song is “Golden Age,” and it’s absolute po-mo disco perfection. It’s a little bit smart-assed, like Midnite Vultures-era Beck, but without a hint of parody.  It’s also somehow dreamy and ethereal, like beatific Zooropa-era Bono.  It feels authentic too, like New York in the 70s, or even the 80s, which might be less apt but seems somehow cooler.  Imagine a scene from Paris is Burning or Grace Jones dancing in Keith Haring-applied bodypaint as you listen.  I used to find this band merely interesting; now I want them underscoring my next night on the town, complete with a hot new outfit, Delia Hauser-approved shoes and androgynously cool eye make-up.

I wasn’t asked to comment on “Golden Age.”  Instead, I got the new album’s second single, “Dancing Choose.”  If “Golden Age” is disco, this song is more pogo, like the way we used to jump up and down whenever the DJ would play “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” at school dances.  Or when Ernessa and I were hopping around to The Go-Gos at that Monday night party during finals week in some grad director’s apartment in Pittsburgh.  Remember that, Ernessa?  And then the cops closed it down?  I know…crazy, right?  Now can you skip back to “Golden Age” again?  Thanks.

And Then Ernessa’s Take after the jump:

Now the first time I heard “Dancing Choose,” it was hate at first listen. I only like change in my presidential candidates, and this is a completely new sound. I had been expecting their usual epic industrial moping about, but I don’t think lead singer Tunde Adebimpe gazed at his navel once while recording this track. And have a strong suspicion that he might be happy. Shudder runs through my body. Yes, I said happy. How did this happen? I was aghast. Also, the title is a bit precious — I mean even for TV on the Radio.

But then I realized something: Wait a minute, my favorite black nerd band has actually made a song that I can dance to! And then I read Kyle’s review, and realized that it was TWO songs I could dance to if you count “Golden Age.”

Also, upon the second listen, I discovered that I was falling in love again with my TVOTR. And upon the third listen, I pledged my troth and foreswore ever falling out of love with them again. Now, I’m sorry that my heart ever untrue, even if it was only for 2 minutes and 58 seconds.

One more thing, Kyle is of course wrong. Though both songs are quite good, “Dancing Choose” is a much better track than “Golden Age” — I mean they rhyme “Axl Rose.” Come on.

Second more thing, that was Caden’s party, Kyle. And the Go-Go’s song we were dancing to was “Head Over Heels.”

Third more thing, what does “pledged my troth” mean anyway? I seriously don’t remember, but hopefully it sounded good in that sentence.

Forth more thing, here’s “Golden Age,” so that you can see that Kyle is wrong and I am right. Thank you.