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Let it Snow, Dammit [Piping Hot Nerd]

This winter in New York has sucked. It has been sunny and pleasant and people have been able to walk around in shorts and a sweatshirt. I feel all alone in my hatred of it. Shorts and a sweatshirt are what spring is for! How can one be excited about crocuses, whatever the hell they are, unless you have frozen your ass off for months beforehand? What is the joy in a tulip unless there has been ice and sleet blowing sideways first? Global warming is taking the anticipation out of life. We are going to all be on a beach in shorts year round. What fun is there in that?

The thing I love about New York is that if you don’t like a season there is always another one coming along that may appeal to you more. Too humid for you? Autumn and leaves will relieve this. Too cold, then spring and summer will heat you up. This was all well thought out people! Now we have a winter that was just a cold spring. Or a Fall, Pt. 2. I feel ripped off.

I walked out of the gym tonight and white stuff was falling on me. It was too big for dandruff (pray God!) and then I thought it was that fairy poop packing materials falling out of a building. It is February and my first thought was not SNOW! That is how bad this winter is. Frozen bits of water in a sort of word association weather game no longer makes me immediately think: snow. Sad.

Once I realized it was bitter cold, I was improperly dressed and I could see the white stuff blowing across the street, I shed a tear hoping it would freeze on my face. I love winter. I need winter. Too much nice weather makes me depressed.

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