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Man Given Curfew By Wife After Character Has Affair On Grey’s Anatomy

Mobile, AL – Monday
By Joshua Mauldin

Spoiler Alert for the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

A Mobile, Alabama man was slapped with a restrictive 6pm curfew after his wife witnessed an affair on ABC’s popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

“She takes that show way too seriously,” said the annoyed man. “I told her they have to create drama for another season. They’re just going to get back together anyway.”

“I can’t take any chances,” said the man’s wife who still hasn’t recovered from last Thursday night’s betrayal. “After all they’ve been through, jobs in Africa, hospital shooters, a major car accident, a baby with a man, the plane crash that took Arizona’s leg…after all that and she still cheats on Callie? True love is only so strong.”