Nerd in Transition: No Time? Add Puppy!

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Nerd in Transition: No Time? Add Puppy!


a blogumn by Kelly Kaboom Lett

In the past five weeks my life has gone from 0 to 70 and I’ve got my foot on the petal. The two biggest changes would be my full time job and some highly demanding acting classes at the Lesly Kahn Institute. Having been unemployed for almost two years suddenly taking on an 8 hour day is a difficult adjustment. Thankfully since I telecommute I may be chained to my computer, but I am not chained to a location. While the classes may only be one day a week, I am there from six to midnight and daily rehearsals are expected, not to mention the amount of work that I do on a script at home. Do you see what I mean? From unemployed, retired rollergirl, with little direction; to a corporate cog and striving actor trying to fit a few moments of writing into her week. That statement is ironic. Each week I write two blogs and bi-weekly I write what you are reading now. Yet I don’t have time to sit and work on any of my personal projects. Let’s go ahead and add in the need to exercise an hour each day to take off this unemployed, retired rollergirl weight. And shit while we’re at it why not throw in a puppy?

I’m serious, today I went and adopted a puppy from the local shelter. She’s a four month old pit mix with white hair and brown spots. I’m torn between calling her Maxine or Spot. Yep, Spot, how classic is that? I bring the little bundle home tomorrow. Really she is more of a gift for Derby Dog. At this time I have to walk Derby Dog twice a day. These aren’t short jogs around the block, I’m talking dog parks and squirrel hunting in the morning followed by mountain hikes in the afternoon. That makes at the least two hours spent moving my dog each day. The idea is get the dog a dog so each dog can play together in hours of entertainment as I type away on my keyboard. Hopefully I will soon be down to one walk a day with the occasional hike thrown in for fun.

For those of you wondering why I would get such a time-consuming thing as a puppy, it’s actually pretty smart. Adopting an older shelter dog can be a wonderful, soul-fulfilling experience — one where you don’t have to do any housebreaking and where your shoes all stay tactfully presentable. There are those times though where you get an older dog only to find yourself breaking through unknown abuse and neglect which has left emotional scars. Those scars turn into neurotic habits that can take months, sometimes years to correct. Since I already have a rug that I hate and want to replace I am willing to do the potty training work. But since I have a dog I love and a super busy schedule I am not willing to risk her safety, or my large pet deposit, for an animal with separation anxiety.

Derby doesn’t know it, but she’s really excited about this. I have been promising her a companion since we moved to the Cottage le Muse. When we left Venice we left the four legged  friend she had spent all day, every day with for two years. I knew it would take a toll. In the last few months she has become more and more depressed, even with the daily dog park and hikes. So I kept telling her that as soon as I had a job, she could have a friend. Well I have had the job for over a month, so I guess it’s time to pay up.

Really I should wait for my next paycheck, this puppy is sucking up the last of my first big paycheck. I just couldn’t wait. Watching Derby get more and more bored each day as I spent those 8 hours focused on my laptop screen, just to reject her excitement when I would leave the house for rehearsal , it got to me. I had every intention of using my first paycheck for necessities, and I did. I got some good groceries, paid off my car registration, even got a few new items of clothing I had been putting off purchasing. I haven’t had a pair of jeans that fit since November.

So I was going to sit on what was left in that check as I waited for the next one. Derby’s nonexistent excitement got the better of me and today I found myself carefully examining each worthy applicant at the shelter. It was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. So many good dogs, so desperate to love and be loved, if only I had a bigger house. Why this puppy wins a pass to the good life, I don’t know. I just know that the with no time to spare, the time is right.


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