Nerd in Transition: Trifecta Needs You Nov04

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Nerd in Transition: Trifecta Needs You

Nothing can kill the feel good buzz of a day spent in productive activity like not being able to sleep. That bliss of heading to bed tired, almost exhausted, smiling at all you’ve accomplished, excited about getting the solid 8 that will ensure you wake well-rested and dream-fed to face the morning sun. All of that snatched away by the dark silence pressing down from the ceiling you are now staring at.

This morning I found myself pulling the shades down in a rare move for darkness and the chance to sleep in. It had been a rough night, long with hours filled by the growing desperation to sleep. When the sky began to lighten I began the process of  waking from the groggy rest of the unrested. While I coveted just one more hour, the dogs, hearing me pull the shade, stood and began the dance of the pee-filled bladder. Unable to ignore the licks, paw slaps and constant pacing I dutifully rose, releasing them to the front yard and to the neighborhood. After my trusty, faithful Derby Dog returned I put pants and shoes on to go hunt for the other two, thus truly beginning the day in negative space.

That’s right I said two. I currently have three dogs in my little one bedroom house along with a kitten. It’s like my house has exploded with four legs and fur. Derby Dog and McQueen are my landlord-approved animals. The cat and other dog are squatters. I’ve decided to keep the cat, naming her Chow Chow Kitty for her kick ass attitude and need to eat anything she can. The third dog I picked up limping on the side of the road, I call her Trifecta for the broken back leg. Trifecta, Chow Chow Kitty, Derby Dog and McQueen, a foursome of limitless hair and the ability to entertain and piss me off all at once.

I need to find somebody to take Trifecta. She’s wonderful with my dogs, adores Chow Chow Kitty and is happy to come when I call her, except for when she is following McQueen’s lead in ignoring me completely. She’s a good girl, around 15 pounds and easily one of the best looking dogs I have ever seen, beautiful one could say. If I had a bigger place and a better-paying job I would not hesitate to keep her, but that’s not an option at this point. She needs to see a vet about her back leg, that’s a bill I can’t afford. I also can’t afford the extra food and the chance at angering my landlord. If I don’t find a home for her in the next week I’m going to have to call animal control to pick her up. That would be crushing.

Many times I have saved dogs from the road and often I can find a home for them, but there are times when it just doesn’t work like that and I have to play executioner dropping them off at city shelters. Trifecta has been here for over two weeks now, a bond has developed, but reality is a cold fiend eager to remind me that three dogs is one too many right now. Being the Dr. Doolittle of stray dogs can be a most unhappy existence.

This morning I decided to write this blog as a plea to all of you out there, do you have room for a new dog? Do you know somebody who does? Can you help bring some joy into my life by giving a forever home to this treasure of a creature? You already know she likes cats and other dogs, I’m pretty sure she would be great with kids. Take a look around and see what you are missing, chances are it’s Trifecta.