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NewlyNested: Baby or Not to Baby?


a blogumn by Debra Goykhman

How do you know when to have a baby? With my husband turning 30 in just a few days the question has been on my mind.  My parents tell me you’re never ready and my in-laws say children are a blessing.   I know we are still young (I’m still in my twenties), but both of our families married and had kids young, so when do I follow?

Photo Credit: mubblegum

Normally, I wouldn’t even question having babies.  I’ve always known what I wanted.  When I was young the idea of actually birthing a child freaked me out (still does), so I was always saying adoption.  Then when I met my now-husband the idea of having his babies took over and I started picturing having children with him.  He was the opposite at the time, saying, “let’s wait until you’re like 35 and we’ll just have one right after the other!”  When he said this I yelled at him about how hard it is on your body, etc.

Now the tables have turned.  As soon as we got married I wanted to be selfish.  I wanted him to myself and our lives to be uninterrupted by add-ons.  He insisted we get two dogs and they were enough for me.   Now, my husband isn’t as scared.  A part of him wants to wait longer (he has seen how hard child rearing can be), but overall as we have grown as a couple and have settled down he is starting to become ready.

Even with his support my mind wants the rest of my twenties to myself…or do I!  It turns out I’m starting to think my subconscious does have a ticking clock.  When I see a baby I melt inside and now I am even dreaming about being pregnant several times a week.  I’ve started imagining the mundane, like setting up a daily schedule or playtime ideas.  Does that mean that it’s really time?  How is a girl supposed to know when to say “GO!”?