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NewlyNested: Breakfast Find of the Year: Acai Bowls


a blogumn by Debra Goykhman

I am seriously obsessed with ice cream.  My ideal time to eat ice cream isn’t necessarily on a sunny day, or after a hard day, or even after a devastating break-up.  My preferred time for ice cream is for breakfast, after all what better way could a day begin? Of course there are a million diet reasons not to eat ice cream for breakfast and so those days left after the summer of 98’.

Photo by Robert Montalvo
Photo by Robert Montalvo

When I moved to San Diego my husband and I began a Sunday tradition of having brunch at one of our local diners.  That’s when I discovered the not so secret acai bowl (thank-you local bikers).  In Pittsburgh, PA, where I grew up, no such delight would be offered as a legitimate breakfast.  A typical acai bowl consists of granola, almonds, berries, mango, a huge serving of acai sorbet and a sprinkle of shaved coconut on top.  In a way it’s like a fruity ice cream Sunday.

Another way the acai bowl is served is smoothie style.  Sounds like it would be served in a cup with a straw, but not the case.  It’s a very thick smoothie, almost as thick as pudding, poured over all the same toppings that the sorbet version has.  This would be a good option for those who are used to eating their ice cream in “soup” form.

Most folks can get their acai fix in the local supermarket.  A little over a year ago Haagen Daz released a Private Reserve Acai Sorbet.  I am also told that markets like Whole Foods offer a frozen bar version imported from Brazil.

Other than making for a tasty frozen dessert, the acai berry does have some serious nutritional value to offer.  I’m still not sure if I believe it can help with weight loss, sexual arousal, and longevity, but the berry is legitimately rich in antioxidants.  Does anyone else have awesome local breakfast finds?