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NewlyNested: Don’t Forget To Be Selfish [Goodwill to YOU]

This time of year is supposed to be about giving.  The mad rush on Black Friday is usually about picking up all those great gifts for everyone but you.  At least that is what it’s supposed to be, but I know that I have made it a little about myself too.  This last weekend I gave myself an indulgent trip with a friend that was about no one other than me.  In fact everyone should do what I did this weekend: BE SELFISH!

About a year ago I wrote about being LAstalgic and this year I returned to LA for another nostalgic trip, but this time I went to Divine Design an event from Project Angel Food an organization that delivers meals to people who are disabled due to illness.  Their Divine Design event allows people like me to be selfish and give back at the same time.  They have thousands of clothes, accessories, furniture, and makeup donated from designers and name brands in every price range on sale at a discount.  Different days give you a different percentage off the sticker price ranging from 60-90 percent off.  It’s too late for you to attend the event this year, but I suggest you go to their website and get on their mailing list for future events.

This year I went up with a friend for two days. I have gone to this event in the past and bought amazing dresses that I wouldn’t have been able to afford to have at full price.  This time I snagged more sensible items like casual shirts, a sweater dress, and a pretty everyday skirt.  My friend snagged a beautiful Tracy Reese lace dress that is absolutely stunning.  To cap our shopping day off we went to Anthropologie (a personal favorite) and we both happened to buy the same dress, skirt, and then we each bought a different sweater.

Lately, I have been training myself to buy only things I need.  I think that is definitely a good approach.  You’d be surprised at how many purchases you make that you don’t really need once you start thinking about it.  You’d also be surprised at the range of things you don’t need, including groceries (I’ve cut down my food waste dramatically by just buying the bare minimum of food every three days).  Even though I am attempting to simplify my life it’s still nice to treat myself once and a while.  I don’t feel guilty about my retail extravaganza.  I’m not saying to heal your soul by buying things, but I am saying to do something selfish, honor yourself, and do it in the most indulgent way you want to.  This holiday season when you think of everyone else, remember to include yourself on your list.

featured image credit: axelsrose