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NewlyNested: The Reluctant Yogi


a blogumn by Debra Goykhman

After being injured in a car accident I began a long road to recovering from a very annoying case of whiplash.  I did physical therapy for several months.  Eventually I was told the time had come to heal on my own when I was brought to the state of just slight irritating neck issues.  My doctor suggested that it was time to put some resistance, swimming and yoga into my life. 

bikramyoga-tracy collinsAs my friends knew, I was not a fan of yoga.  We would go every Tuesday night together in my hometown and afterwards I would complain about how much I hated child’s pose.   Therefore, yoga wasn’t something I was looking forward to introducing into my life again.  Still, I joined my local gym and began to take a highly recommended class called heated yoga. 

Heated yoga comes out of the Bikram school of thought, which is also featured in this month’s Shape magazine.  The class consisted of yoga poses held for at least a minute in a 90-degree room.  My husband tells me it is the description of torture, but it ended up being the kind of yoga that I liked.  I was a little weary when I first went to class and entered the thick, piping hot room, but my instructor assured me that in a few moments my muscles would feel so relaxed that I would really need to pay attention more carefully to my body.

90-minutes and several poses (that I didn’t think was humanly possible) later, I felt like my shoulders had just gotten a deep tissue massage.  I realize yoga isn’t for everyone, but this child’s-pose-hating girl found a type that she liked.

Therefore, I say try to explore something that you might not think you’d like. It might just “open your warm heart center like a blossoming flower,” as my instructor would say.

. photo credit: Tracy Collins