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No Longer the Bridesmaid [Frankie Says…]

Frankie says…

Admit you are wrong, even if you think you are right.

This is especially the case when a friend is involved that you would rather keep in your life. And even when it doesn’t involve someone of that importance, it’s a good idea to practice admitting that you were wrong.  Because we all are… at some point. And believe me, that’s a hard one to admit coming from a Miss Know-It-All.

Actually, I think it is easier to admit wrong when you believe you’re in the right than it is to admit wrong when you’re really, actually wrong. And sometimes it’s not nearly as clear as all that. Take, for example, my writing a blog in which I complained (in a funny, ha-ha, self-defeatist sort of way) about being a bridesmaid. I had been influenced from viewing the recently released, hysterically raunchy Bridesmaids. I cautioned the bride-to-be about my blog (prior to publication) and explained that although it may sound cruel when she reads it, it was a general look at what it’s like to be a bridesmaid and all the shenanigans that ensue, and to not take it personally – i.e. this is not a personal attack on you or your wedding, publication just happens to coincide with your bachelorette weekend and the exact activities we had planned for said weekend are quoted in it (simply because I’m not creative enough to come up with alternative ones on my own.)

Now here is where I went wrong. I should have never told her about it. And more importantly, I should NOT have advertised it on Facebook. But I was excited for my first ever blog. Had I kept my mouth shut and my ego in check, I could’ve gotten away with the whole fiasco – but instead, I was disinvited from the wedding. DISINVITED. Yes, you read it right. (SPOILER ALERT!! The maid-of-honor in the film is disinvited as well – except it’s Hollywood and she gets reinstated as best friend before the finale).

No one talks about what happens AFTER you blog. You hear all of these stories about people ‘making it’ – getting a book or even a movie option – because they started blogging about their cat that pees in the toilet or their amazing fucking banana bread recipe. But what about the people they’re blogging about? The situations in their personal lives that they are revealing for the rest of the world? As I am doing here.

There were so many ramifications to my first blog – good, bad, certainly ugly (I cried for two days straight). And there were so many reactions – disgust, hurt, laughter, applause (someone told me they clapped after reading it). Really, I never thought it would evoke anything but a giggle or a snort. I assumed using artistic license to create a funny story about a personal situation was okay. But I assumed wrong.

In 600 words I’d lost a friend, created rifts between other friends, been disinvited from the wedding, and embarrassed both the bride-to-be and myself.

But here I am again. There is good reason for that, though: My right is someone else’s wrong; and someone else’s right is my not-so-wrong, and some else’s not-so-wrong is another’s kind-of-right, and… Jesus, I’m annoying myself. The point is: fuck what other people think and do what makes you happy. Writing – and in particular writing about the ludicrousness of life’s balls of shit that get thrown my way – makes me happy. Don’t read it if you don’t like it.

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