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Notes From The Nest: Green Edition


A blogumn by Debra Barlow

Growing up, my mother was obsessed with cleanliness.  Not in a germophobic sort of way. She just wanted her house to sparkle like a Mr. Clean ad. And it did.

I distinctly remember her cleaning the house every single day, only taking a break on weekends.  And I also remember the way our house smelled after those cleaning sessions:  a mix of Lysol, Lemon Pledge and Windex.  So to me, lemon scented ammonia is the smell of clean.

But I am not my mother and I don’t clean every day.  If I clean once a week I consider it a triumph.  With a full time job and a busy personal life, I don’t always find a free Saturday afternoon to scrub floors.  But when I do, I like the smell of Clorox cleaner lingering in the house.  It makes me feel accomplished.  At least it used to.

Now, with two cats prone to allergies and the hope of children on the horizon, I’ve found myself turning away from that ‘clean’ smell and searching for something to help break me of my chemical dependency.

Enter all the new green cleaning products that are flooding the market.  They’ve probably always been there, but now my eyes have been opened and I see them.  At Trader Joe’s. At Target.  At the grocery store.  In the coming months, I will be experimenting with different products and I’ll let you know all about the good, the bad and the really, really foul.

Before I go into today’s product review, let me just explain to you the love affair I’ve had with Clorox toilet cleaner. Seriously, it’s always been one of my favorite cleaning products.  You already know I love the smell, but it’s the bleach that really sells it.  It gets all the stains off, it kills all the mold and mildew, it just does it all.

In looking for a greener way to do all those things, I was a little skeptical.   One day at Target I wandered into the green product aisle (does your Target have one?  It makes all this trial and error so much easier!) and found Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Toilet Cleaner.  My toilet is never that dirty, but this does the job very well.  At five dollars a bottle it’s a little pricier than it’s chemical counterpart, but still affordable.  Plus, I find I use a lot less of it.  And the smell?  It’s lovely!  They bill themselves as ‘aromatherapeutic’ and I’ve been using the lavender – it fills the bathroom with this wonderful scent that smells, well, clean.  And, best of all, I don’t feel guilty flushing it down the toilet.  I will probably still experiment with other green products to do the same job, but I must say, this one really won me over.

Have any of you tried Mrs. Meyers products?  Any other green products you just love?  Leave it in the comments!


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