Oh, It’s Tuesday: A (Definite) Date with Betty

Photo by Kalimba Bennett
Photo by Kalimba Bennett

So last week I hit the pregnancy wall. I can’t sleep, I can’t get up w/o a lot of effort. My knees hurt when I walk, my back hurts when I walk or sit. Sitting for too long is uncomfortable, lying down w/o propping my head up properly has led to 3 counts of acid reflux vomit — once through my nose (even less fun and more burny than it sounds). I’m so generally exhausted that I nod off like by 71yo father every time I’m in the car or trying to read my last baby care book.

I have this thing about not showing up to things that I’ve promised to be at. It’s A huge pet peeve and I usually go out of my way to keep my event promises. In the last month I’ve flaked on four events — two just this past weekend.

A few well-meaning people have told me to enjoy this time before the baby arrives. My question to them would be, “How?” I definitely wasn’t a princess in a past life, b/c all this sitting around is driving me crazy.

Thus the inspiration for “Operation Get Betty Out.” So far I’ve walked about a mile a day, ignoring my viciously protesting back. I’ve eaten this legendary salad. A friend suggested pineapple, so I’ve been hitting the chunks hard. The only thing I haven’t tried is the castor oil, which two friends suggested. I figured I should save that, just in case Betty tried to stay in past June 22nd.

So we went to our 39 week check-up yesterday and the doctor did another cervical exam, and it turned out that I was approximately … 1cm dilated.

“But Ernessa wasn’t that exactly where you were at the last check-up?” you ask. “Before all the labor-inducing activities?”

And I answer rather grimly, “Yes, yes it is.”

Then the doctor suggested that given how big Betty is, how … ahem … uncomfortable I find cervical exams and how accurate my due date is b/c of IVF, I might want to think about inducing on June 22nd in order to avoid a cesarean.

After some private discussion, CH and I decided to schedule it. Here are the downsides of inducement:

1) I feel like a bit of a failure. Everything about this pregnancy has been scheduled, and I was hoping delivery would be the one thing that wouldn’t require extra medical intervention.
2) I’m rather depressed now, and I can’t seem to shake it.
3) I’m afraid this will set the tone for our mother/daughter relationship: me always having to force a stubborn Betty to do the imporant things she’d rather not do.
4) Another week of being pregnant with depression on top. Ugh.
5) Live blog plans severely compromised.

But there are a few upsides:

1) I can now plan my life around a certain date. Which means I can get my hair. toes, and the next week of FaN done before the big day.
2) My sister-in-law won’t have to drop everything to be here. We arranged her ticket yesterday, and she’ll fly in on Sunday.
3) CH is having an easier time scheduling his paternity leave. His sub will start on June 22.
4) Same goes for my maternity leave.
5) No more death march walks. That was getting really old…

Anyway wish me luck. And if you have any advice about induction, it’s really welcome.