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Oh, It’s Tuesday: My Trip To Scotland and France

So a few people (okay, my sister) have demanded pics from my trips to Scotland and France. Scotland was wet and cold, which means it must be beyond awesome, b/c I had an amazing time. Pics from left to right: 1) me enjoying a 20yo Highland Park Scotch in the converted library bar at one of the many castles we visited. 2) My lovely host Fiona explaining haggis over a plate of delicious homemade haggis. 3) Fiona’s son Michael and I in front of a tardis police box.

And then here’s France. Pics from left to right. First Row: 1) Ran down Dominic Pignon from Amelie and everything Jeunet on my very first night in France. I had been there maybe three hours! 2) Mmm, macarons! Second Row: 3) My wonderful hosts, Gudrun from “Secret Life of an Expat” and her husband, M. 4) Shopping at the Chanel flagship store for a big thank you gift for my MIL. Gotta make babysitting Betty for a week worth her while, and I’m sure the super swanky experience will make it into a future novel. Third Row: 5) Three kinds of escargot. Mmm!  6) Finishing off a Moroccan meal with mini desserts and mint tea. 7) Gudrun’s 15 month neighbor made me miss Betty sooooo much!