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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Starting To Feel A Little Bummed Out…

… I think you know why. This is basically the last week of season finales, and then I’ll be left with … well, pretty much the same thing I had last summer. I’m planning to pick up ROYAL PAINS for another season. And I’ll probably watch the second season of THE MENTALIST in re-run, not b/c I like it, but b/c I don’t completely dislike it, and in a pinch it’s one of the few shows that my husband, MIL, and I can all agree on.

Looking forward to a new season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. And will definitely rent the second season of TRUE BLOOD on DVD to watch on CH’s laptop in the privacy of our bedroom, since TB isn’t the kind of show you watch w/ your MIL. I imagine I’ll get all caught up in WEEDS again (though is it me, or do they manage to put M-LP in less clothing for each subsequent ad campaign? I wonder what they’ll come up with for season six). And DR. WHO ain’t over yet, though I’m starting to get annoyed with the general spasticness of the new Doctor and his need to say the equivalent of  “I’m the em-effin Doctor” in like every episode. I’m beginning to fear that Steven Moffatt might be per-episode brilliant as opposed to over-arching season brilliant, but we’ll see. Also, I will be watching the second season of BEING HUMAN, and DROP DEAD DIVA will get a second nod, too.

Other than that, it looks pretty dismal. An ad for SCOUNDRELS on ABC made me chuckle once, so I’ll probably throw that one a pity watch. But the tween version of me is very excited for the KIDS IN THE HALL mini-series on IFC. And I might, might give HAVEN a watch, just b/c I continue to admire Stephen King, and the memory of how disappointing last summer’s SyFy debut, WAREHOUSE 13 was is starting to wear off. And of course, I’m going to give THE BIG C a half a season to win me over, b/c I would seriously watch Laura Linney read a phonebook.

But other than that, I just know I’m not going to have anything to watch this summer … Wow, now that I re-read this post, I can see that my thesis is a little crazy. I actually have plenty of shows to watch this summer, and I probably won’t be able to keep up, since I’ll be promoting 32 CANDLES for the rest of the year. Why was I feeling bummed again?

But seriously what shows are you looking forward to seeing this summer? Sound off in the comments!