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Oh, It’s Tuesday: The Heat Is (Not) On

Photo Credit: junichiro aoyama

Photo Credit: junichiro aoyama

So I loved this Jezebel piece on the “thermostat wars” between men and women. It seems especially timely now, since I’m no longer running hot and regard the non-thermostat warring months of my pregnancy with fondness. It felt like our own little peace accord.

I only bring this up b/c CH and I are headed to Flagstaff and Santa Fe with Betty and our nephew for a last summer hurrah today. Ridiculously hot during the day, impossibly cold during the night — I’m already calling this “The Great Desert Car/Hotel Room Thermostat War of 2009.”

But m/b we can avoid this with your help. Other couples please sound off. How do you avoid thermostat fights in life and travel? Our marriage will thank you for any advice you might have on this topic.