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Oh, It’s Tuesday: The Three-Letter F Word

So while I’m pretty much a goddess of perfection at this point, I always appreciate when an article comes along that gives me a rare opportunity for self-improvement.

All kidding aside, this Jezebel piece on a Salon essay by Kate Harding, a woman who is trying to get us to rethink the way we think of the word “fat” is such a piece. Her basic argument is that she hates when she refers to herself as fat and her friends reply with “you’re not fat!” She says that my every scientific measure of the word, she is fat, and that the reason her friends reply in such a manner is b/c “fat” has become a dirty word, a substitute for lazy, dirty, uneducated, slovenly, undisciplined, and perhaps most egregiously, unattractive. She feels that “fat” should be a value-neutral descriptor like “tall” or “blond.”

scaleAnd Jezebel goes one step further with this issue by saying that we should all stop using “fat” as a negative term to describe ourselves. Basically, saying to friends or a partner, “I feel so fat,” or “I look so fat” when in actuality you’re only feeling unattractive and/or you’re having a low self-esteem moment or you’re angry at yourself for skipping the gym for two weeks straight — not cool.

I’ve actually done this quite a bit, since moving to California, but this article really opened my eyes — especially since I don’t consider any of the fat people I know to be any of the negative terms that have come to associated with the word “fat.”

So if you’re like me, start thinking about how you use the word “fat” and the next time your friend or significant other tries to weasel reassurance out of you by saying she looks fat, don’t tell her that she “doesn’t look fat” — just tell her she looks great.  Read the Jezebel piece here and the Salon essay here.