Oh, It’s Tuesday: What is the Trait You Most Deplore in Yourself? [Proust Questionnaire]

Image Credit: Ben Murphy

Image Credit: Ben Murphy

Alas, so many traits came to mind for for the question of “What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?” that they’ve been battling it out.

Over the weekend, when I tried wearing a girdle to my friend’s play, only to have it go excruciating on me by the second act,  I thought I might put down Vanity.

Then it became Jealousy when I realized that I was the fattest woman in an audience of mostly actors.

Then it became Procrastination when I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to get done on Monday.

Then it became Obnoxiousness, when I became aware that I kept on interrupting with my own thoughts whenever the friend I was shopping was making a point or telling a story.

Then it became Lack of Will Power, when I had a glass of wine and vegged out in front of the television last night as opposed to working on Fierce and Nerdy or my novel.

Then it became Sloth when I woke up this morning and immediately started coming up with reasons why I couldn’t formally exercise for the fourth day in a row.

Then it became Generally Horrible Friend, when I saw that my inbox which I was supposed to be emptying out every single day was now at 137 messages for my yahoo account alone.

Then as I was writing this, I realized that I had been doing nothing but putting myself down for a few days now, and I thought, “Oh, well it’s time to stop that now. The point is you’re fine. You’re better than fine. You’re wonderful, Ernessa.”

And then I added Optimistic Despite to the mental list of things that I most like about myself.

So instead of answering this particular PQ question, I would like to ask you guys about what traits you most admire in yourselves.


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