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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Working From Home

There are some common complaints that people who work from home have, and I think they’re pretty valid. I don’t miss having to go to an office, but I do miss the office for the following reasons:

1. There are other people in my age bracket at the office.

2. No one ever comes to the office and says, “You’ve got to stop what you’re doing and come and do this other domestic thing stat!”

3. In many ways it’s easier to resent a boss than the people you actually love. I kind of miss resenting my job as opposed to always feeling like I’m struggling to complete the work I love to do.

There are a few solves for this:

1. Schedule meet-ups with people in your own age bracket at least once a week. This will feel like a guilty pleasure, but really it’s a sanity maintainer.

2. Make a faux office. I’ve noticed I have a lot of company at the local coffee shop where I go to write. Apparently a lot of people who work from home have found that they can’t actually work from home.

3. Be a b-word. Remind everyone that asks you to do something during your scheduled work time that you don’t come to their office and ask them to do stuff when they’re working. Keep on doing this until people are loathe to ask you to do stuff, and then keep on doing it even when what they’re asking for is perfectly valid. This third solve will probably only make sense to the people who are currently working from home.

4. Actually ask other people to do stuff during their own work hours. You’ll find that people are surprisingly willing to help you with your extra stuff, too. And for whatever reason, nothing kills resentment like asking for and receiving a favor of your own.

But I’m interested to hear how others deal with the trials and tribulations of working from home. Sound off in the comments!