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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Your Horoscope Is All Wrong [Sagittarius Baby]

So according to the NEW ZODIAC, I’m not in fact a true blue Capricorn as I’ve always believed, but a Sagittarius on the cusp of Capricorn. It’s funny, because when I studied in China, I was similarly surprised to find out that because of my January birthday, I was actually Year of the Dragon and not Year of the Snake as I’d always assumed. Well, finding out I was a kick-ass dragon as opposed to a snake was awesome. And being a Sagittarius as opposed to a Capricorn isn’t so bad I suppose. It might even explain why my ambition often feels a bit fiery — as opposed to earthy, like a Capricorn’s is supposed to. Also, it will be fun to become acquainted with the qualities of a whole new sign.

However, one of things that I loved about my husband being a Taurus is that Capricorns and Tauruses are, according to most astrological sites, super-compatible, for reasons that I can’t quite remember now, because I’m, you know, no longer in my twenties or keeping up with my horoscope. When the new zodiac reports came rolling in, after gasping over my change in astrological status, I immediately checked to see if my husband was still a Taurus — a sign that’s pretty incompatible with Sagitarrius love-wise. But as it turned out, he’s an Aries under the new system — so we’re still super-compatible. Hooray!

I can only be happy that neither of us takes the zodiac serious, especially if it’s going to be changing up like this every few decades or so. I do, however, live in Los Angeles, where everyone tends to know their sign inside and out. “What’s your sign, baby?” — we totally invented that come on. And I wonder how the couples who believed and chose their partners accordingly will fare.

Also, I’m wondering how your signs were affected by the new zodiac. Did your astrology change, too? And if so, are you surprised about your new sign’s qualities? Sound off in the comments!

Tomorrow: T.E. Hibbard takes over with DIY Nerd!

featured image credit: Amadeus Varadi Hellequin