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One More Thing Before We Go: 30 Rock

Why oh why isn’t 30 Rock coming back until next Thursday? It’s tons better than almost everything that’s already back, and I feel like the NBC gods are punishing me for actually liking their entire Thursday night line-up now. Oh wait, that’s not true. I forgot about Kath & Kim. I haven’t caught it yet, but only because I’ve seen the promos and it seems pretty unwatchable.

But just to catch you up on the new shows that I like so far this season.

Life on Mars: The Lisa Bonet longing on the main character’s part is a little cheesy, but what a great concept! I’m so glad we stole it from the British.

Fringe: Though, I’m not sure the black guy from The Wire is serious enough. I really think he needs to work on sounding more grave.

However, I don’t know if it’s more sad that I only like two new shows this season or that both of them are high-concept procedurals, one of which is an almost total copycat of a British show. Oh, Creativity, where art thou this television season?