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One More Thing Before We Go: Apologies and Go Ahead — Use Prepositions

Sorry for having to give you an incredibly delayed, not-many-pictures edition of Fierce and Nerdy today because of my horrid hotel internet connection. I’ve sussed out an internet cafe and tomorrow FaN will come in on time and in full, promise.

Til then, take solace in the fact that according to The Anonymous Smithie you can use prepositions at the end of sentences. Here’s her quote from

A note about ending a sentence with a preposition. Some believe there’s
something wrong with that. It’s a myth. One can find sentences ending
with preps in the lines of some of the finest writers in history:
Chaucer, Swift, Kipling, Shakespeare and so on. “We are such stuff as
dreams are made on” — Try rephrasing that line from The Tempest. See
what inelegant glob results. This canard about
no-prepositions-at-the-end belongs in the same dustbin as “Thou shalt
not split an infinitive.”

So eat it, grammar snobs! And see the full item here.