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One More Thing Before We Go: Obama Now Raiding House M.D. [Spoiler Alert]

If you haven’t seen Monday’s episode of House yet, you’re going to get mad if you read this. So scroll down to the next post if that’s the case.

pr_kal_penn_a1_0330zOkay I’m assuming the rest of you were just as stunned as I when Kal Penn committed suicide out of like nowhere on Monday’s episode of House. I really liked how his suicide was framed as the one mystery that House couldn’t solve in a one-hour installment of TV. But living in L.A. I also had to wonder, “Holy shite! Did Kal Penn quit the show, or did the show quit Kal Penn?”

Turns out we’ve got our POTUS to thank for this storyline. Apparently, not satisfied with having raided the congressional House for staff members, he then moved on to the TV show, House, and offered Kal Penn (who campaigned heavily for Obama during the hours when he wasn’t pretending to be one of Dr. House’s long-suffering  staff members) a position as the public liason to Asian-American communities with his administration.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Kal was like, “Cool deal. Peace out Hollywood” and quit the show. The show’s writers in turn took this as an opportunity to kill off yet another of the unluckiest group of job candidates in television history (if you’ll remember, Amber Volakis, another doctor who was vying to be on House’s team last season, ended up dating House’s best friend, Wilson, before dying rather tragically in a freak-yet-coincidental bus accident).

Anyway the point is that the reason for the Kal-House split had more to do with Mr. Penn’s IRL character than with the annoying dearth of interesting story lines  for his TV character — though I wouldn’t have blamed him for quitting for that reason, either. Read more about his surprise job switch here.

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