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One More Thing Before We Go: Powder Room Graffiti and Next Family

Hey Darlins!

Don’t you just hate when you’ve read everything there is to read on Fierce and Nerdy, but you’re still bored and/or in need of procrastination. I mean that work computer isn’t going to aimlessly surf itself.

Well, think about visiting these two other community blogs which I’ve completely fallen in love with….

nextfamily_logoThe Next Family — Tired of mommy blogs and mommy discussion boards from the exact same white and het point of view? The Next Family offers blogs about all sorts of families, including gay, het, adoptive, IVF and interracial. My only problem is that I want to leave comments on like everything!

Powder Room Graffiti — I won’t even attempt to describe what makes this blog so awesomely chyck, I’ll just post their ABOUT US copy:

logoPowderRoomGraffiti has evolved in response to the exasperated sighs of women across the globe.

These women are friendly, articulate and curious about the lives of other women…..but they are bored of celebrity trivia, weight-loss tips and media bitch-fights.

Their lives are busy dealing with careers, partners, children or ageing relatives…..but they are tired of being bombarded with advice and urged to try harder.

They want to get the best out of the lives they have chosen for themselves (or somehow ended up with)…..but they are no longer the stars of their own show.

PowderRoomGraffiti highlights the varied lives and experiences of these women and amplifies their voices. Our global community is the perfect place to share laughs, honest views and opinions in a safe and supportive environment.

We invite you to become part of that community by contributing an article or video, posting a comment, participating in our Debates and polls, or providing a recommendation.

When you join PowderRoomGraffiti and offer your perspective, you will be helping another woman find her own.

At PowderRoomGraffiti we tell it like it is, and we hope you will too.